The Media Research Center “DisHonor Awards”

On 19 March, the Media Research Center hosted its annual “DisHonor Awards”. The awards are given to liberal moonbats in the print, television, and internet media who distinguish themselves with some of the most outrageous, asinine, what-the-fuck moments of the year.

The categories were: The Obamagasm Award, Half-Baked Alaska for Pummeling Palin, Dan Rather Memorial Award for Stupidest Analysis, and Quote of the Year. Those bestowed with the ‘honors’ included Ted Turner, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, and Bill Weir. The nominees in each category are accompanied by a video which demonstrates their ‘qualifications’. Since the winners never show up, there’s always a conservative on hand to offer some quips on their behalf.

Here’s a sample of a “qualified” winner: Ted Turner: “Global Warming Will Create Cannibals”


See clips from the entire awards presentation here:

Make sure you also watch this edition of Jay Leno’s segment called “Jay Walking”. It’s where he interviews people on the street (mostly young people) and taps their ‘knowledge’ on current events, politicians, and history. Though funny, it illustrates the dumbing down of American education and the sad result. The answers he gets should make you very afraid for this country, especially since these idiots are allowed to vote.

Link to video:

Obama hasn’t even been in office 100 days. Just think of all the material they will have for next year’s awards.

I can hardly wait.

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