The Octomom and the Homeless Woman With 15 Kids Has Some Competition; A Man With 30 Kids

Feckless breeding, no job skills, and dependence on the welfare state. 

Nadya Suleman, the “Octomom”, already had 6 kids on welfare before some Einstein obstetrician did an in vitro fertilization, and she popped out 8 more. Then there’s a homeless derelict by the name of Angel Adams who squeezed out 15 children and demanded more assistance from the government.

Now there’s a breeding machine in Tennessee who wants the taxpayer to foot the bill.


Desmond Hatchett is pleading with the state of Tennessee to help him pay for child support.
With 30 kids, who could afford to pay child support? Yes, 30 children by 11 different “baby mamas.”
Desmond explained how it all happened, well you know what we mean, “I had four kids in the same year. Twice.”
The children range in age from toddlers to 14 years old. He was last in court in 2009, at which time he had 21 children.
That means he’s had at least 9 more children in the last 3 years.
Hatchett only has a minimum wage job, which means some of the moms receive as little as… $1.49 a month.

Liberals see nothing wrong with irresponsible breeding. It feeds the welfare state and drains taxpayers. Hatchett’s illegitimate spawn will end up being part of the Dem voting bloc.  If there was ever a case for forced sterilization,  Suleman, Adams, and Hatchett should be first in line.

4 thoughts on “The Octomom and the Homeless Woman With 15 Kids Has Some Competition; A Man With 30 Kids”

  1. off the reservation


    You are so full of Bull-Shiite. I paint with a broad brush???? I do NOT use a brush. I prefer to use lead in my art. Like all liberals, you spew anecdotal evidence as a basis for making sweeping legislation to push your perverted agendas.

    Yes, I called you a sick pervert. I am quite well aware that a great deal of sex education goes on in the classroom. In fact, I help out with UU programs (that is Universal Unitarians) and know full well about the sex education that teens are getting. Quite frankly, the girls getting all of this education about how to put condoms on cucumbers are doing the “Juno thing” anyway and having kids. THEY ARE INTENTIONALLY DISCARDING THE USE OF PREVENTATIVE MEASURES TO HAVE KIDS AS TEENAGERS YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT OF A LIBERAL!!!

    Over the past 60 years, the rate of unwed mothers having kids out of wed lock has gone up! With all your liberal Bull-shiite about liberating women and showing children how to have “protected” sex you have created many single mothers with children on welfare far more than any other time in the history of our country! These kids want to have kids. They are not getting the fulfillment they thought they would get from sex so they are looking to have children to fill the void. That void is what you filthy sacks of shiite liberals have created.

    In your filthy government public schools you have taught these kids how to suck on the government titty. You have taught these kids that is is not necessary to be responsible and earn a living. Ya know, maybe having marriage before having sex might actually be a good thing? Besides, all that birth control is not fully effective against transmissions of diseases.

    I have a form of birth control that works 100% for liberals like you. I insert the barrel of my AK-47 up your ass and liberally pull the trigger. Problem solved. You do not reproduce after that.

    A war is coming. I have my list of liberals. Who knows, maybe you will be on mine. If not, there is someone like me who has had it with you liberals taking away everything we have to give away to lazy asses like your friends.

  2. I’m a liberal and see plenty of wrong in all of this so don’t be so quick to brush every liberal with the same wide brush. At least save some of your ink for the conservative “pro-life” movement that fawns over every act of be-fruitful-and-multiply and raises the act of having children to some form of holy grail heroism in both sexes in different ways. They go further by restricting sex and reproduction education and then expect unplanned pregnancy not to happen to the average naive and overprotected woman-child? I got to explain the facts of life to a friend brought up a fundie baptist after her cajun cousin convinced her 1) he loved her day 2 after meeting, and 2) the moon or coke douche, or the rhythm method would keep her pure. Rhythm, withdrawal, whatever. Then, dear heart, she actually thought he’d really marry her! Thankfully she knew the facts of life before the preacher guy tried his charms on her. The next clueless friend in HS was not so lucky. We’d consider her a hero on this day today but the AF doesn’t like pregnant recruits so she’s only a hero on one other day in May.
    Now these blooming examples of reproductive fecundity certainly know what they’re doing, especially Octomom. She thought she’d be rich after getting her own reality tv show, which is the choice form of lowness Americans have sunk to watching. We award people millions for the silliest crap, why not her? Maybe she should have sung more?
    Captain Semen, well he’s just got alot of machismo to exercise and paid too much attention to the first few paragraphs of every book of the Bible before nodding off in Sunday School . . . begat, begat, begat, begat, begat . . and he wants his piece, and he found a few equally low-hanging and undereducated women to go along.

    Education. Early and often. It goes a long way. We should try it sometime.

    1. “Random”,
      Bullshit. I’m a Libertarian leaning conservative. I believe in PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILTY. I am sick of liberals using over-breeding minorities who syphon off the taxpayer as as excuse to justify the welfare state. I’m also sick of over-breeding minorities using the welfare system to support their children and their slovenly lifestyle. I guarangawddamntee you that most of the recipients of food stamps and welfare checks are skanks like Adams and “Octomom” who knew that the government would support them as long as they spit out kids like a fucking assembly line. “Fundies” in Appalachia aside, most of the taxpayer funds for “baby daddies” and “baby mamas” go to urban slugs who are just as allergic to birth control as they are job hunting.

      Contraception. Every fucking time.

      SFC MAC

  3. off the reservation

    Another liberal hero. Fornicate early and often. If they cannot screw the one they want they screw the one they are with. Heck, they screw everyone.

    Remember all that liberal bullshit about “we support the troops, not the war?” The people that liberals despise are people like Staff Sergeant Deck Lee Jr who died this year in Afghanistan from an IED, doing his service for our country. One of many fallen heroes who deserve our respect. I listened to some jerk ass hole on the radio named Chris Hayes (a totally filthy bleeding heart liberal) state that he was “uncomfortable” referring to our fallen comrades as war heroes. I found his crap in the article this morning on Drudge:

    Guess what Chris Hayes, the filthy sack of shit liberal that you are, when YOU die I want to dance on your grave as well as shit and piss on it. I want to attend your funeral and laugh it up while the one or two LOSER LIBERALS show up to cry at your casket. So just that we are clear about what a liberal hero is. These are the heroes liberals hold up:

    -o- Homosexual perverts coming out the closet by violating young boys.
    -o- An idiot that takes out a $100,000 loan for a college degree in gender studies,
    not capable of employment anywhere.
    -o- People like Ayers who target and murder men and women in uniform.
    -o- Fucking towel-headed muslims that target and murder innocent civilians.
    -o- Fucking towel-headed muslims that devalue human life by subjugating women
    and other people who do not worship their pedophilic raper of young girls, Moo-ham-head.
    -o- People who refuse to work, instead choosing to vilify hard working people.
    -o- New Black Panthers putting out hit money on innocent people.
    -o- Filthy derelicts like Obama and Holder who buy guns for criminals south of the border so the criminal can gun down officers trying to protect us.

    To all you liberals Chris Hayes, Obama, Holder, and Hatchett

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

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