The Reasons Behind Bayh’s Departure

He was way ahead in the polls, so he still had a good shot at re-election. He and his staff reveal why.

Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, said Monday afternoon that he won’t seek a third term in the Senate — a major blow to Democrats worried about losses in the midterm elections.

“Congress is not operating as it should,” Bayh said at a news conference in Indianapolis, adding there’s too much partisanship and “the people’s business is not getting done.”

Bayh said he loves public service but does “not love Congress” and is “not motivated by strident partisanship or ideology.”

It took him how long to figure this out?

He cited the Senate’s recent failure to pass a jobs bill and legislation that would have created a deficit reduction commission as evidence of what he characterized as a broken political system.

The Senate is too busy adding to the deficit with ‘stimulus’, ‘bailouts’, and pork barrel spending.

……In his two terms in the Senate, Bayh cut a centrist path and worked across party lines, which at times frustrated liberal Democrats.

“He hates the Senate, hates the left bloggers,” a friend and longtime adviser to Bayh said. “They are getting their wish, pure Democrats in the minority.

‘Pure Democrats’….a party that changed from loyal oppostion to socialist. No wonder he left the Senate.

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