The Road to Serfdom

Via Investors Business Daily.

This is what the leftwing Dems have planned for a long, long time.

Liberals’ plan to reform the medical system has always seemed more an attempt to radically transform the nation than a good-faith effort to cut costs and expand coverage. Now they’ve confirmed it.

Today’s Democrats aren’t interested in constitutional or traditional limitations on government. They want to remake American life based on their notions of what’s ideal, and they are more than willing to force leftward change on an ostensibly free people.

While this has been clear for some time, it still rocks us a bit when they acknowledge such plans out loud.

The loudest came Monday when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a group of bloggers that turning the Democratic Party leaders’ health care overhaul into law would embolden them to drive America away from its roots of liberty and independence.

“Kick open that door, and there will be other legislation to follow,” she said. “We’ll take the country in a new direction.”

The only surprise is that the speaker from uber-Democratic San Francisco would be so frank. The country is already in open, though peaceful, revolt against her party’s health care overhaul.

Declaring publicly that the left has plans to take the country unwillingly on some Great Leap Forward seems rather foolish. Does she believe the public will eagerly accept more central planning?

The left in this country has a history of largely moving down the political path slowly and quietly. And it’s been a successful model. We are more reliant on government than ever. The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Index of Dependence on Government suggests America is on “the brink of complete dependency” on the state.

This is not a sustainable path for a democracy. A minority of productive citizens cannot support a majority of citizens subsisting all or in part on entitlements.

The rest here:

When Obama declared during the campaign that he and his followers were just days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”, this is exactly what he meant.
I said this before and it bears repeating:

Since 20 January 2009, this is the “transformation” he’s wrought:

–The total evisceration of the Dollar.
–The hostile takeover and control of private industries and businesses.
–A new, greedy Kleptocracy gouging the taxpayers to fund government bailouts.
–A projected 23.7 trillion dollar deficit, as if it weren’t skyrocketing high enough:
–A culture where an expectation of unearned benefits as ‘rights’ is commonplace.
–A cabal of Senate and Congressional Democrats who make decisions behind closed doors.
–A belligerent group of lawmakers trying to ram-rod government-controlled health care down our throats.
–An attack on American free enterprise and self-determination.
–An assault on freedom of speech and Americans who demand answers from their elected officials.
–’Presidential’ cowardice in the war on Islamofascist terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.
–The weakening of America’s world standing. Our enemies take advantage while our “allies” vacillate between embracing the “change” and disgust over getting what they wished for.

If American citizens are going to save our Democratic Republic, we need to kick down Nancy’s door, grab her and the rest of the Dem miscreants by the scruff of the neck, and toss them out on their asses.

November is coming Nancy. Until then, plan on the “bitter gun-clinging, pitchfork-carrying” patriots to give you the daily ration of hell you and your comrades so richly deserve.

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