The TSA Fails to Stop Another Muslim Jihadist Wackjob From Boarding a Plane

Via Michelle Malkin.
Yemen native Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Murisi, boarded American Airlines flight 1561 and was cleared by the ever vigilant politically correct TSA screeners, in spite of the fact that he had no keys, no luggage, $47 cash, two curious posted checks totaling $13,000, and a trove of expired and current state IDs from New York and California.

Once the plane started its descent into San Fransisco, he screamed the requisite Islamic jihad “Allah U Akbar” and charged the cockpit roughly 30 times before he was tackled and brought down by four passengers.

He was denied bail, and has been charged with “interfering with a flight crew”.   Interfering?  He committed an attempted act of terrorism. His intent was to crash through the cockpit door and “interfere” the aircraft into a crash.

Great job, John Pistole. You can add Al-Murisi to the growing list of muslim terrorists your TSA screeners let waltz right through security, because you and the Department of Homeland Stupidity don’t want to “offend” them.   Just to point out, Kinder Eggs, whistleblowers, thermoses, refusniks, and Soldiers, ARE NOT A THREAT, YOU ASSHOLE.

Considering your dismal record, you might want to start focusing on the most likely candidates for scrutiny.

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  1. butt neckid

    Sarg…are you suggesting that they “PROFILE”???…why you racerist you!!!…

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