Thomas Friedman Admits Bush Counter-Terrorism Worked

Hat Tip to Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine.

A light bulb just turned on in the brain of New York Times hack Thomas Friedman. He starts out with the perfunctory Bush-bashing material then makes this stunning admission:

One more 9/11 would close our open society another notch. One more 9/11 and you’ll be taking off more than your shoes at the airport. We have the luxury of having this torture debate now because there was no second 9/11, and it was not for want of trying. Had there been, a vast majority of Americans would have told the government (and still will): “Do whatever it takes.”

……Obama’s compromise [release memos but not prosecute] is the best we can forge right now: We have to enjoin those who confront Al Qaeda types every day on the frontlines to act in ways that respect who we are, but also to never forget who they are. They are not white-collar criminals. They do not care whether we torture or not — bin Laden declared war on us when Bill Clinton was president.

And it only took this assclown what, 15 years to figure all this out?
Apparently, the wave of attacks during Bubba’s administration and 9/11, weren’t enough of a wake up call. But now that THE ONE is in office, he has the luxury of realizing that the man he vilified for so long kept this country safe.
There’s nothing like a liberal saying “Oh, now I get it”, about eight years too late.

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