Thugs, Leftwing Lunatic Fringe Go Full Stupid Over Martin Shooting, Supreme Court, Capitalism, GOP

This week, the nutters came screaming out of the woodwork enmasse.

Taking their cues from a sympathetic, hypocritical Obama, a contingent of radical militants have launched a media hate speech campaign and calls for violence.

A while back, Al Sharpton bragged about his expertise in race-hustling and manipulating the media for political and financial gain.  In keeping with that M.O., he’s just called for an escalation over the Martin shooting:

If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions.

Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city of Sanford specifically, but he has been critical of the police department’s handling of the case.

Except that his kind of “civil disobedience” usually ends in riots and death.

The MSM has done the usual spin.  NBC altered the George Zimmerman 911 call to make it sound as if  Martin’s race was an important factor that night, when, in fact, he was only answering a question posed by a 911 dispatcher.  MSNBC pulled the same stunt.  ABC hyped a grainy video to insinuate that Zimmerman lied about being attacked by Martin.

Some chickenshit launched a “kill Zimmerman”.  The site was apparently taken down, but the illiterate, dumb piece of shit who created this garbage, is a real piece of work.


Brilliant. Just think, this ignorant turd is allowed to vote…and breed.

Bobby Rush, who did a  gangsta thug routine on the House floor,  just had a mass shooting in his Chicago district by hoodie-wearing goons.  He should be real proud.

Hate crimes by blacks have increased. In California,  seven black teens were arrested for beating up a Hispanic boy on his way home from school. They videoed their crime and put it on YouTube, but it was later removed.  6 blacks in Seneca, South Carolina beat a white man outside a restaurant, after calling him “tree honky”.  Tree honky?? Whatever the fuck that is.

On the ObamaCare front:  Van Jones, avowed communist and Obama’s former ‘Green Czar’, accused Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia of “wanting to let people die”, because Scalia threw some pretty tough questions at the government’s lawyer during the SCOTUS arguments over ObamaCare.  You think people will die, Jones? ObamaCare has a built-in Death Panel who will decide who gets treatment, which doctor you will see, and if the government is willing to fund your medical care. Not only that, but anywhere between 47-50 million people will be added to the rolls, so expect a long waiting list. And take a number.   There’s strong indications that the SCOTUS will strike down the unconstitutional ObamaCare power grab, and when that happens, Jones will have an aneurism. But since emergency rooms at hospitals are legally obligated to provide medical assistance  regardless of ability to pay, Jones will get care anyway.

The unrequited goals of leftover 60s radicals:  Obama pal domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, still has wet dreams about destroying capitalism.

Old commie hags in the news: Francis Fox-Piven,  a frothing communist  radical who advocates Bolshevik-style violence and mob rule as part of her philosophy,  calls  the GOP  “crazy, lunatics, and maniacs”.  Project much, Francis?

It’s been a real busy week for the race pimps, disgruntled communists, and hooded thugs.

2 thoughts on “Thugs, Leftwing Lunatic Fringe Go Full Stupid Over Martin Shooting, Supreme Court, Capitalism, GOP”

  1. it’s their blood line, and the color of their skin…they grow up in the ghetto soooo they act like the world is a ghetto…

    drop outs…gangstas…I’d call ’em niggas…

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