Timothy ‘Turbo Tax’ Geithner: ‘U.S. can no longer drive global growth’

Really? I wonder how in the hell that happened.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has told the BBC that the world “cannot depend as much on the US as it did in the past”.

He said that other major economies would have to grow more for the global economy to prosper.

He also played down any differences in policy between the US and Europe regarding deficit reduction.

Mr Geithner was speaking in Washington ahead of G8 and G20 meetings this weekend in Toronto.

He said all members of the group were “focused on the challenge of [building] growth and confidence”, and would be working to this end at the meetings.

The Group of Eight and Group of 20 rich and developing nations are assembling on Friday for three days of talks on emerging from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Psssst, hey Timmy. We can’t drive global growth anymore because you, Obama, and your merry band of Dem thugs in Congress and Senate, drove our economy into the toilet.

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