To Illegal Alien Apologists and Supporters

I recently posted an article about an outrageous lawsuit filed in Arizona by radical activist lawyers on behalf of some illegal aliens, who were caught trespassing on the private property of an American citizen, Roger Barnett. He dealt with them in the way they deserved by holding them at gun point and defending himself and his property. Since there are so many La Raza sycophants out there who think it’s perfectly okay for illegals to enter the country in direct violation of U.S. Code Title 8, and there’s no problem with them destroying or squatting on private property, I have a proposition to make.

I’ll bring over some friends and relatives to your place, and camp out in your yard. We’ll use your toilet, shower, and laundry, and raid your refrigerator when we get hungry. We’ll plop our asses down in your living room (I hope you have some recliners) to watch your cable T.V.

If one of us gets injured or sick, you can take us to the nearest hospital and bill your insurance for any treatment we need. Make sure you pick us up when we need to come “home”.

Some of my relatives with large families will drop off their children for you to babysit, feed, and clothe. You can also register them for school and pay for their lunches, since illegals can sponge off the educational system without paying for it.

Don’t like the idea of uninvited guests? Go ahead and complain or try to evict us. We’ll sue for civil rights we aren’t entitled to, and we’ll probably win since the Democrats are so open to our demands.

By the way, I’m sure you won’t mind paying higher taxes to finance our American dream.

To quote the Obamessiah: “Spread the wealth”.

Mi Casa, Su Casa. Right , Amigo?

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