Tracking Our Tax Dollars to Despots and Hostile Countries

This shit has got to stop, regardless of who’s in office.

Just some of the Foreign Aid doled out by the State Department, via a report by William LaJeunesse on Fox News.

……Americans went broke last year filling up their tank thanks to OPEC yet this year the State Department budget provides millions to oil rich kingdom’s dripping in dough; Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. While everyone wants peace in the Middle East are we buying it as well? The US provides nearly three billion to Israel for security but also gives Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, a billion dollars. And 400 million in salaries and aid to the Palestinian Authority. Which doesn’t even represent the government in Gaza.”

……” America also spends generously where dictators rule and the US is openly vilified. 98 million to supposedly strip Kim Jong Il a nuclear weapons. Twenty million for political prisoners in Castro’s Cuba. Six million to promote a civil society in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. 500,000 for border security in Khaddafi’s Libya. 26 million for police in Eva Morales’ Bolivia. And 56 million to support the rule of law and human rights and Putin’s Russia; arguably one of the world’s richest nations.”

……” The list the list goes on and I’m but I want to tell you we also give about 200 million dollars to integrate the former Yugoslavia in countries into the EU. We give 177 million to help greenhouse gas emissions around the world, not here. And the one that I like best you guys, is eleven million dollars to help the reunification of Cyprus. And that hasn’t happened for 35 years……

And now that we have a lavish-spending socialist in the Oval Office, he plans on doubling the foreign aid.

I blogged about this same type of idiocy back in 2007:

An excerpt:

It’s taken for granted that since we are the richest, most powerful country in the world, we are supposed to support, bailout, feed, clothe, and babysit the earth community. For our largess, we are vilified by our so-called allies and hated by Islamofascist jihadists for “influencing” (read: capitalist enterprises that bring cash flow into otherwise destitute areas)…“prestige”-updated-with-a-footnote/

Botom line:  We should support steadfast, bona fide allies like Israel, and tell the Hadjis, the Russians, and the Central and South American shitbirds to hit the fucking road.

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