Traitor Bradley Manning to Receive Money

Not only did the traitor get his sentence commuted, he’ll get a payoff when he’s released.

Note: I’ve corrected all of the article’s references to “her” and “she”. Manning is a male. Period. I don’t give a shit how much makeup he wears or how many wigs, he’s still a male.


From The Express UK.

Manning will receive tens of thousands of pounds when he is freed from prison after friends of the WikiLeaks informer set up a campaign to help prepare for life on the outside.
Already more than £32,000 ($40,000) has been raised in just two days for Manning, with fundraisers hoping to find $100,000 to go towards living expenses he could incur when she walks from the military prison where he is detained.

But if the donations continue at this current rate, Ms Manning will raise £1.58m ($1.98m) by the time he is free, and £5.6m ($7m) in just one year.

The traitorous little ratfuck leaked 700,000 battlefield reports and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks. Any Intel Analyst knows that if the enemy receives classified material that reveals collection methods, sources, and operational details, it can and will harm the troops and damage national security.

Manning didn’t leak classified documents for any noble purpose, he did it because he’s a fucking problem child who was ‘disgusted’ with his commanders and U.S. ”society at large”.

His act of treason compromised Intel sources and exposed information that damaged U.S. security.  After he leaked the battlefield information, the Taliban went on a killing spree. He also endangered the very Afghans with whom he claimed to sympathize.

One of the items he leaked was a video of a U.S. Apache helicopter attack that killed a Reuters news photographer and his driver, which sent leftwingnuts into Grand Mal seizures.  Manning forgot to mention (or show) that the Army unit was engaged in combat at the time, and taking fire from an armed enemy. One was carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.  Another was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle.  Incidentally, those two Reuters photographers were embedded with the terrorists.  Aw….Too fucking bad.

Some of the information he leaked ended up in Osama Bin Laden’s possession. Manning couldn’t have aided Bin Laden any more if he had walked up to the muzzie pig and handed over the documents in person.

Commuting the sentence of traitor Bradley Manning is typical of Barky’s vile malfeasance. What does anyone expect from an asshole who traded five of the worst GITMO terrorists for a deserter.

Manning is no principled “whistle blower”; he’s an egotistical attention whore, who took it upon himself to selectively divulge classified information—that can and certainly did benefit our enemies.

This cockholster violated his security clearance, his oath of service, and the trust placed in him by his country and the United States Army.  In a perfect world, he’d be taken out and shot.

3 thoughts on “Traitor Bradley Manning to Receive Money”

  1. Good ole Brad wants to be a female. I volunteer to cut his dick off with a rusty butter knife and hand him a bowl of salt and a needle with thread. All of these scramble brained cocksuckers should stay in the closet. If they want to prance around like Marve Alpert then they can do so in their own room or private club, just stop trying to say “we’re normal but different”. You choose a lifestyle that is contrary to Gods law then you can damn well suffer the consequences. Until he forgives you, which I doubt, if you’ve got a pecker or want one you’ll be treated as your plumbing demands. If you’re a queer traitor then we can compromise and shoot you with a rainbow colored bullet. If anyone doubts the Devil is in control for now, just see how far down the “anything goes for anybody”toilet this world has fallen. Enjoy your hand out now Brad ole boy, cause you’ll be getting reamed both ends for eternity soon enough.
    Sick of the sicko’s
    Jeffery Washington ( MAN)

    1. Jeffrey,
      I’m hoping his dead carcass is found in an alley outside a gay bar after a night of ‘rough sex’, if you get my drift.

      SFC MAC

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