Trump Enacts New Tariffs on China

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President Trump officially announced new tariffs on Chinese imports as his administration pushes for free and fairer trade.

From the White House, the president signed a memorandum to impose tariffs on nearly $60 billion worth of Chinese products in a move aimed at curbing intellectual property theft of American technology.

He also directed the Treasury Department to crack down on Chinese investment in the U.S., giving the department a 60 day deadline to release its plan.

The announcement follows a seven-month long investigation that found China has been unfairly forcing U.S. companies to turn over valuable technology before doing business in the country.


The United States had better start taking the threat from China seriously; economically and militarily.

The Chinese have engaged in cyber attacks, spying, economic espionage, and actual threatening of U.S. Naval vessels. Yet Obama and the Feds think giving them money, technology, and contributing to the Chinese threat are good ideas.

Just some reminders of how batshit crazy that is:

China builds artificial islands and militarizes them.

ChiCom Air Show Exhibition Depicts Their Forces Attacking a U.S. Navy Vessel

China announces that its nuclear submarines can hit the U.S. with missiles.

China’s Military Buildup

American companies who do business with China  help fund the military buildup.  In turn, China arms North Korea and Iran.

A senior Chinese officer declared that China should ‘topple U.S. dominance’. Whether China can actually pull this off is a matter of great debate, but the fact that they have their claws sunk so deeply into us economically, should be a wake up call.

Propping up a communist totalitarian regime with capitalist dollars is suicidal. China is an enemy and should be treated as such instead of having the privilege of being a business associate.  Doing business with a communist country will not transform it into a freedom-nurturing society. There will come a day when all of the money we pour into China will come back to bite us in the ass. You can bet on it.  I just hope we have a President who has the balls not to back down.

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