Turkey’s Ruling AKP Party Ousted

From Fox News.

Turkey’s ruling Islamic-rooted AKP party may have trouble finding the coalition partner necessary to form the next government, after voters dealt a stunning rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Sunday, with strong losses in a national vote that stripped the party of its parliamentary majority.

Turkish voters effectively ended 13 years of one-party rule and stalled the Muslim nation’s march toward Islamist control in historic elections.  The democratically-elected Erdogan, through posts as prime minister and presidents, has held office since 2003, and had in recent years begun an alarming crackdown on the media, dissidents and ethnic minorities in what observers feared was an effort to move the NATO nation and U.S. ally toward theocratic rule.

Bullshit. Turkey is no ally of the United States.

……Erdogan’s party is now left with few options to form a new government, after it was stripped of its parliamentary majority and opposition parties ruled out joining it in a coalition pact. The Islamic-based Justice and Development Party, known as the AKP, won about 41 percent of the votes in Sunday’s election and was projected to take 258 seats — 18 below the minimum required to rule alone.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, an Erdogan ally and fellow AKP member, convened his cabinet and party executives Monday to discuss the party’s options. Davutoglu will need to choose the most likely course to remain in power, whether by coaxing a reluctant opponent to the table or by trying to rule alone in a parliament where the AKP will be outnumbered by three empowered rivals.

Remember the ‘Arab Spring’?  It hasn’t worked out very well.

As I’ve pointed out before, the Islamic states are not receptive to pluralism. Their whole society is based on a repressive, brutal theocracy.  Regime change doesn’t bring anything positive. Muslim extremists still inflict carnage for allah because the thought of a country without Sharia Law gives them spasms. There’s always a state-sponsored source of funding, training, indoctrination, and support throughout the region. Turkey is no different. No one should expect a Western clone anywhere in the Middle East. It’s not possible. Islamic culture, based on a 7th century screed, is diametrically opposed to secular rule, women’s rights, and will not peacefully co-exist with Christians and Jews. Turkey’s treatment of Christians, Jews, and women is nowhere near the level of a democratic society.

Just how much of a “change” they’re willing to tolerate remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Turkey’s Ruling AKP Party Ousted”

  1. Some authors (for example, Walid Shoebat) who expect an Islamic Antichrist have been focused on Turkey and Erdogan for reviving the old Ottoman Caliphate. This article says “Turkish voters effectively ended 13 years of one-party rule and stalled the Muslim nation’s march toward Islamist control.” I think this reinforces the ideas I described in   Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate which emphasize the role of ISIS, which ALREADY claims to be the revived Islamic Caliphate. (And since Obama isn’t committed to destroying ISIS, it is growing fast. Just wait until Damascus falls.)

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