Turkish President: ‘Muslims Have Never Taken Part in Terrorist Massacres’

We must have missed all the world-wide atrocities committed by muslims in the name of their violent ideology.

From Fox News.

Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly bizarre rhetoric continued this week when he told reporters Muslims have “never taken part in terrorist massacres” and appeared to blame the West for the recent Islamist attacks in Paris.

The NATO nation leader and western ally has moved his powerful nation further from its Constitutionally-mandated secularism in recent years, and has drawn criticisms for not doing more to stop the flow of foreign jihadis, who pass through Istanbul on their way to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. But Monday’s comments, against the backdrop of near-universal condemnation of the Islamist attack on French satirical tabloid Charlie Hebdo, could further isolate Erdogan from the West.

“As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres,” Erdogan said. “Behind these lie racism, hate speech, and Islamophobia. French citizens carry out such a massacre, and Muslims pay the price. The West’s hypocrisy is obvious.”

……”The acts follow a predetermined script and we should be [aware of a] a plot against the Islamic world.”

Lies, lies, all lies!!! Oh yeah, muzzies are such peaceful people.

Fuck Turkey. They’re not exactly an ally of ours, anyway.

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