Twitter Totalitarians Conduct Massive Purge of Conservative Accounts

This is why Parler and GAB are so crucial.

Daily Caller

Twitter is massively purging conservative accounts in the aftermath of the Capitol Riot.

……Conservative Twitter users began to voice complaints that their accounts were losing large quantities of followers beginning Wednesday. By Friday evening, numerous large conservative Twitter accounts had posted saying they had lost several thousand followers.

“It’s clear that Twitter is wiping out conservative accounts,” Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh tweeted. “That’s why your follower counts are going down. This is the biggest purge we’ve seen, and not the last.”



Greenwald highlighted Twitter statistics from the Twitter accounts of the Daily Caller, the Federalist, Tucker Carlson, and Mollie Hemingway. The statistics he cited show that the Daily Caller was down almost 6,000 followers on Friday and down almost 29,000 on Saturday.

A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation Friday that Twitter has been suspending accounts “in line with our policy on Coordinated Harmful Activity.”

In other words, content that goes against Twitter’s left-wing agenda.

Antifa and BLM accounts, which promote violence and murder, survive unscathed.

Gatestone Institute

When a business turns on roughly half of its customers, treats them like criminal suspects or seeks to deprive them of their services, can they prosper? The answer is “No.”

Social media is dying, they just don’t know it yet. All the so-called “giants” of Silicon Valley: Twitter, Facebook, and their ilk cannot continue successfully “as is.” In the lead-up to the 2020 election, and certainly in the aftermath of the January 6th Capitol riot, persons and organizations not subscribing to the new orthodox socialist ideology of the American Left have found themselves “de-platformed,” suspended, erased, minimized and banned.

The sooner Twitter and Facebook collapse, the better.

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