Unemployed Illegal Alien Turns Himself in For Trip Home

The upside of 10% unemployment.

A Framingham (MA) man who told police he can’t afford to return to his native Guatemala, turned himself in Saturday on identity theft charges so he could eventually be deported, police said.

Carlos F. Boc, 29, told officers he had no job or money and was worried about surviving the winter, police spokesman Lt. Paul Shastany said.

Just after 8:30 Saturday night, Boc went to the front window at the Framingham Police station and spoke to Officer Joe Godino.

“He said he needed help in returning to his home country,” Shastany said.

Boc then showed documents, including a birth certificate and a Social Security number of another man, as well as a driver’s license with his picture but the other man’s information.Boc said he had stolen his former roommate’s identification after the man moved back to Puerto Rico two years ago, Shastany said.

Boc also provided proof of his real name. Boc told police he came to the United States from Guatemala 13 years ago, but could not afford to return. Illegal immigrants convicted of a felony are subject to deportation. He entered this country illegally through Mexico, police said.

“He said he had no job and no money, and he was afraid for his safety in the winter,” said Shastany. “He said the only way to get home was to tell the truth and prove who he was. Godino told him ‘Due to what you just advised me, you committed a crime.’ Boc said, ‘I know.”‘


Newsflash, Officer Godino: His first felony was committed the second he snuck across the border.  Subsequent felonies were committed by whomever harbored, hired, and abetted him during his 13 year illegal residence.

God knows how much taxpayer money was spent on medical bills, housing, and other benefits he squeezed out of the system.  More money will be wasted assigning this piece of shit a public defense lawyer. And on top of all that, he wants us to pay for his trip home.

I’d give him a lift to the Mexican border to make sure he at least got that far, then I’d literally kick him in the seat of the pants in a southerly direction.  Make him walk back to Guatemala, or hitch a ride from the Mexican police.

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