Union-Supporting “Zombie” Pukes Protest at Wisconsin Ceremony Honoring Special Olympics

Stay classy, scumbags.

In front of the Capitol today, protesters dressed as zombies stood between Governor Scott Walker and the group of Special Olympics participants he was honoring.

What a bunch of self-centered, obnoxious assholes.  Their union pals show off their diversity skills when showing up at Tea Party rallies, and now these union-supporting leftwingnut student morons made a point of disrupting a ceremony honoring Special Olympians, who overcome physical and mental handicaps to participate in athletics. 

Their tantrums are over budget cuts designed to make up for a $3.6 billion budget shortfall, and voter IDs, which will help eliminate voter fraud, and will make things difficult for the illegal aliens in the Dem voting bloc.

Note to the “zombie”  brigade: Your antics are retarded.

1 thought on “Union-Supporting “Zombie” Pukes Protest at Wisconsin Ceremony Honoring Special Olympics”

  1. Ever notice how it’s generally kids pulling this crap? Grow up children and stop being influenced by those who would use you; i.e. Unions.

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