U.S. Army Forces Dwindle in Europe

September 13, 2008:  
After spending over half a century years in Europe, the headquarters of the U.S. 7th Army headquarters is reorganizing as a deployable unit (meaning it can be ordered to another part of the world to supervise major military operations.) The 7th Army headquarters ceased to be very mobile as it commanded a growing force of European based U.S. combat units in the 1950s. But this force went from two corps and over six divisions (18 combat brigades) during the Cold War, to the current four brigades (which are also subject to duty in distant combat zones, like Iraq or Afghanistan). During the Cold War, there were over 300,000 U.S. troops in Western Europe, now it’s about 40,000, and headed for 33,000 in five years. And if there’s a crises somewhere else on the planet, there won’t even be an Army headquarters there to command what’s left of American forces.

In 1976, I pulled my first of three tours of duty in Germany. There were thousands of U.S. troops, and lots of “little Americas”.  (housing areas)  It’s kind of sad to see this happen because I have so many memories.  But, it looks like its time for Europe to finally fend for itself.  One of the sticking points for me is the incessent, stupid criticism spewed by the European effetes, who think they are so much more ‘culturally and morally superior’ to the United States.

Well, now that Dhimmification is rearing its ugly head in places like Britain, we’ll see how that works out.  I’ve always said that anytime another country thinks its better suited to be the world cop and babysitter, step up to the plate. Funny how they always look to us for a bailout when things get tough.

Aufweidersehen,  Ta Ta, Au Revoir, and Ciao, Europe.  Russia is starting to rattle its cage again.

Good luck.

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