US Soldier Defects to North Korea While on Tour of DMZ

What a fucking retard.

New York Post

Foreigners rarely seek safety in North Korea — for good reason. The Kim regime guarantees its survival through internal terror and external threats.

Pvt. Second Class First Class Travis King may have thought a mad dash across the Military Demarcation Line separating North and South Korea would shield him from harm.

But he erred if he believed a tyranny would better protect individual liberties than a democracy.

King’s woes have just begun.

And he’s sparked a diplomatic headache for US officials who will want to do everything possible to prevent him from becoming a casualty of a brutal North Korean system.

Many wonder what could have prompted this young man to flee into the open arms of the North Korean security apparatus.

Fear and ignorance are the likely answers.

Travis King’s run-ins with South Korean authorities made him unfit to serve among the 28,500 American troops helping to defend the peninsula.

He was about to board a plane en route to Fort Bliss, Texas, to face further disciplinary action for assault and disorderly conduct.

To avoid that scenario, King joined and then ditched an international tour of the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom to take his chances with North Korean authorities.

If King had known about the tragedy that befell Otto Warmbier, he would be safer now.

There is NO SUCH THING as “Private Second Class”. It’s Private First Class.

The dipshit was already facing disciplinary action after having served time in a South Korean prison over assault, now he’s an international incident with one of our worst enemies.

Let the Norks keep his ass.


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