USC Students Think Obama Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize…They Just Can’t Explain Why

If they are the future of this country, we’re fucked. interviewed students on the USC campus and asked them what they thought Obama did to earn the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I just feel like in general being a good guy, it’s just creating a lot more peace and like, mellow,” said one student, adding, “I love Obama, and I love everything he is doing. I just feel like everyone is so hard on him and it’s only his second year.”

Second year???? It’s his second term and it’s just as fucked up as the first.

When asked what the difference was between President Obama and President Bush invading the Middle East, that student’s answer was simple: 

“Bush, I just didn’t like him,” she said. “I just don’t.”

Considering you identify with a SCOAMF like Obama, it’s easy to see why.

Other students explained that some of his initiatives — such as his economic policies and Obamacare — made Americans happy and so led to world peace.

One student said he thought Obama had strengthened diplomatic ties “with countries” but could not explain what he meant.

“Just good-natured intentions,” he said.

No mention of the words “character”, “leadership”, “courage”, “values”, “principles”, or reference to the Constitution in their responses. That speaks volumes.

The Nobel committee really scraped the bottom of the barrel when they gave the prize to Obama, but then I remembered they also gave it to Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Once upon a time, you actually had to accomplish something good to receive it.

“Good natured intentions’….his economic policies and Obamacare — made Americans happy and so led to world peace.”

Are they fucking kidding??

The economy is in shambles.  ObamaCare is such a socialist train wreck that even the IRS enforcers and the AFL/CIO thugs who helped ram it through a Dem-controlled Congress, don’t want anything to do with it.  World peace??? Obama’s dicked up foreign policies have made him a buffoon and a laughingstock on the world stage.  Al Qaeda just reared its ugly head in Nairobi, and shows no sign of giving up. They didn’t get the ‘world peace’ meme.

But the college kids still love him. Gawd help us.

These naïve young neo-Bolsheviks are being taught by a faculty of leftover 60s radicals and domestic terrorists who tell them that capitalism and free enterprise are evil, that unions are good, that ‘social justice’ comes in the form of government handouts, and that they should reserve a special hatred for the  military, the NRA, and the Tea Party.

Just wait until the little darlin’s get out into the real world and suffer the consequences of an Obamanation they helped create.

2 thoughts on “USC Students Think Obama Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize…They Just Can’t Explain Why”

  1. SARG…honey…you keep this up (blood pressure) you’re gonna need lots o’ ‘bamas free HELLSCARE…

    I’ve tol’ ya several times…

    WE’S FOOK’D…



    and it’s mostly our fault…

    H U H???…

    wellll… not you an’ me…the average ‘merican voter…you kno’…the dumbasses…

    here’s what I suggest…git yo’ ass on the welfare…git you a “free” ‘bama phone…git yo’ ass down to the licker sto’ an’ use your EBT card an’ buy you sum licker…smoke a fatty…relax an’ drink yo’se’f stoopid…cuz nuttin’s gonna change…

    we here in the friggin’ desert of aridzona luv’s ya…an’ it’s your round…

    1. Butt,
      Like I said, (
      America has devolved into a society that no longer believes in the rugged individualism, courage, and self-determination that made us a once great nation. A large part of the population is composed of an able-bodied but lazy segment of society that siphons off the public dole. Every developed country has them. It’s a perpetual welfare class that doesn’t work because they don’t have to. Many of them never have. They know how to manipulate the system and they pass it to their children like a fucking family heirloom. Speaking of children, some of the welfare queens are just as allergic to birth control as they are to job hunting.

      Like you say: WE’S FOOK’D.

      SFC MAC

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