Venezuelan Despot Hugo Chavez Rigs Election

Hugo Chavez, socialist Dictator for Life.

From the Daily Caller.

Update 10:50 p.m.According to the Associated Press, Venezuela’s electoral council has declared that Hugo Chavez beat Henriques Capriles in Sunday’s presidential election with about 54 percent of the vote, despite exit polls showing otherwise.

Venezuela Twitter users have claimed Chavez’s victory was wrought with election fraud, and that the socialist incumbent president sent tanks into the streets of his country as those exit poll reports showed him losing. A picture of the tanks surfaced on Twitter Sunday evening.

The British Guardian newspaper reported that Chavez also sent troops armed with AK-47s into Venezuela’s streets to fight against any protests in case unrest came as a result of the news.

A Spanish news outlet reported earlier on Sunday that exit polls showed Capriles defeated the socialist president by a narrow margin.

Just another day in a Banana Republic. In any case, Hollywood dickweed Sean Penn will probably be there for the ‘inauguration’.

2 thoughts on “Venezuelan Despot Hugo Chavez Rigs Election”

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  2. Take a close look. This is what our election will look like. Absentee ballots, vote early AND often, voting machines run by SEIU, illegal aliens registered to vote. Many pathways to fraud exist and these past four years of continual reports of voting fraud in elections around our country.

    Just another day in a banana republic. Move along. Nothing to see.

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