VFW Leadership Moves to Disband PAC Over Anti-Military Endorsements

The VFW-PAC decided to hop into the political sack with a motley crew of anti-military, anti-war, DemLeft assclowns:

No legitimate veteran’s organization has any business endorsing policies or politicians that are hostile to America, veterans, and the military. According to the PAC press release, these are the Dem asswipes they’re supporting:

Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Ron Wyden, Joe Sestak, Alcee Hastings, Barbara Lee, Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulski, Chris VanHollen, Chuckie Schumer, Pat Leahy, Charlie Melancon, Kendrick Meek, Brad Elsworth, Daniel Inoye, John Dingell, Sander Levin, Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, and Patty Murray.
Link: http://www.vfwpac.org/Revised%20Endorsement%20List%20Sept%2024-1.pdf

Some of those miscreants backed by this VFW-PAC are notorious for their animosity towards the armed forces and national security.
More here:

We demanded that the VFW leadership disavow this organization, cut ties, and forbid it to use the VFW as an affiliation.
Angered veterans, including myself, deluged the PAC and the VFW HQ with phone calls and emails to protest this insult to those who served, those still serving, and the fallen.  The PAC further discredited itself by thumbing its nose at us.  The VFW published an open letter stating its intent to review the status of the PAC in August of 2011.  That was unacceptable. More pressure was applied, and this is the result:

VFW PAC logo



National Council of Administration

Richard L. Eubank, Commander-in-Chief

October 14, 2010

I have reviewed the Political Action Committee (PAC) Board of Directors’ response
to our request to rescind this year’ s Congressional endorsements. I disagree with their

It is now evident to most of the VFW leadership, both National and especially the
departments, that the VFW has been subjected to extreme negative publicity throughout
the nation, and the recent endorsement decisions have, in fact, harmed the VFW’ s
reputation and future ability to fulfill our mission.

I cannot let this erosion of public support for our great organization continue. The
apparent lack of the committee to address these concerns will lead to a proposal by me,
as Commander-in-Chief, to amend the by-laws at the 112th National Convention for
the purpose of dissolving the PAC. Meanwhile, under the authority granted to me as
Commander-in-Chief in section 619 of the VFW National By-Laws and under section 620 of the Manual of Procedure, I am withdrawing all PAC appointments effective October 15, 2010.

Accordingly, I’ m asking the council for a vote of “ no confidence” in the VFW PAC as indicated on the enclosed ballot.

In addition, the Ladies Auxiliary pulled all their funding of the PAC, which effectively eliminates about 70% of its monetary support.

October 13, 2010

Dear Sisters,

In light of the VFW’s position on the most recent endorsements by the VFW Political Action Committee, effective this day, October 13, 2010, the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars is suspending all fundraising and promotion of VFW-PAC for the remainder of the year.

Any monies raised for PAC up to this date should be forwarded immediately to PAC for those purposes in accordance with the laws concerning political action committees.

Department Award No. 5 as seen in the 2010-2011 National Program Book on Page 20 is hereby suspended for the remainder of the year, and the program title will hereafter be known as Legislative.


Cortina Barnes
National President

More at Big Government:

Barbra Boxer, the California Dem notorious for anti-military rhetoric and behavior, gloated over the PAC endorsement, over the objection of Sen. John McCain’s (a Vietnam vet and former POW):

Asked after her speech about McCain’s objection, Boxer merely smiled and replied: “I’m so excited to have the VFW endorsement. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Now that the PAC will be formally disassociated from the privilege of being part of the VFW, we’ll see how thrilled she is.

I’m very pleased the VFW leadership showed some cajones and confronted the PAC over its fecklessness. Maybe this will prompt the national commander and his staff to scrutinize this type of political pandering to hostile anti-military candidates, in the future. It’s just a damned shame that it took the outrage of thousands of VFW members to make the leadership do the right thing.

3 thoughts on “VFW Leadership Moves to Disband PAC Over Anti-Military Endorsements”

  1. Robert A. Melin

    The VFW should stick to VFW needs for all who served. Stay out of the politics of who supports and who does not support our cause. I have been a member for over 40 years and support those who support our cause at the ballot box. Members should contact politicians if they don’t like their views on our cause. Just make sure you don’t say you represent the VFW. Our leadership should do that in an appropriate manner. Getting into the political ring could cause the VFW members when old and new members are much needed. I have already had one member who may not renew his membership over this issue. Thank you for providing a place for members to sound-off on this hot issue.

  2. we need to name names. Who’s responsible for the anti-military endorsement of the DEM. Name of the person, not name of the organisation. If we don’t name names. The guy will just hop into another pac and cause more damage

    1. 4rc,
      Here’s your names:

      Salvatore J. Capirchio, Director
      Tyrone N. Benson, Chairman
      Michael H. Wysong, Treasurer
      Kenneth R. Burton Jr., Board Member
      Gary J. Goff, Board Member
      Albert J. Bucchi, Board Member
      Everett Martin, Board Member
      Paul A. Spera, Board Member
      Joe T.Wood, Board Member
      James R. Mueller, Board Member
      Francine Cornish, Board Member

      Link: http://www.vfwpac.org/

      Trust me, I’ve emailed them too.

      SFC MAC

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