Videos of the Rioting Thugs in London

From Verum Serum.

I put up a post the other day about the riots in one London area called Tottenham. A man from the area had been shot by police, but police are claiming an exchange of gunfire took place which, at least in this country, would justify deadly force by the police.

In any case, it seemed like a regional situation which was likely to die dow after one bad night. Now it seems that assumption was very, very wrong. Riots seem to have spread throughout various parts of London.

……In this clip from Clapham another man with a cell phone tries to interview some people who’ve been looting. Asked if she’s proud of herself, one of them responds “We’re getting our taxes back.”

The female, who wore a mask and refused to be photograhed, is likely sucking off the public teat and doesn’t pay taxes anyway.

In another video, an injured boy had his back pack rifled through by thugs who pretended to come to his aid.

Hey Britain, how’s that ‘multiculturalism’ working out?

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