Violent Crime Skyrockets in Atlanta Suburb

Liberals hate clean, well kept, crime free neighborhoods because they’re 180 degrees better than the disasters they created in their own towns.


Tucker Carlson

Ever been to Buckhead in Atlanta? It’s a beautiful residential, partly commercial neighborhood in the northwest corner of the city. It’s not a huge place. Fewer than 80,000 people live there, but it’s fair to say that without Buckhead, Atlanta, at least as it is currently run couldn’t exist.
Taxes from Buckhead residents account for fully a fifth of Atlanta’s entire city budget. So, you’d think that people who run the city would be very polite to Buckhead. They certainly should be. But the opposite is true.
For decades, various Mayors of Atlanta have attacked Buckhead as if there is something offensive or immoral about maintaining a clean and orderly neighborhood.
For the most part, the residents of Buckhead have taken this abuse in silence, complaining seemed impolite. So, they’ve continued to send huge amounts of money to a city government that hates them.
For politicians in Atlanta, it has been a very good deal — attack Buckhead then take the dough, but that deal could soon be ending. And the reason for that is the current mayor, a spectacular mediocrity with unusually high self-esteem called Keisha Lance Bottoms.
Like so many big city mayors, Bottoms is an incompetent demagogue. She has no idea what she is doing, but she is willing to say anything. For a while that was tolerable to the people of Buckhead, like most people who live in cities, they know the drill, they are used to it.
But then last summer, things changed. A man called Rayshard Brooks was shot to death in a parking lot at Wendy’s by an Atlanta police officer. Brooks was apparently drunk, had fallen asleep in his car in the drive-thru lane. When police tried to arrest him, Brooks went berserk.
Brooks stole a cop’s Taser and pointed it at him. That’s when an officer called Garrett Rolfe shot Rayshard Brooks. It was a sad story, but it was understandable once you watch the tape and you thought about it carefully.
But Keisha Lance Bottoms didn’t wait to think about it carefully or at all. Without pausing for an investigation, she immediately fired Officer Rolfe, and then she issued a predictably self-righteous press release about it.
An independent Board later found that what Bottoms did was illegal, but by then, it was too late. Hundreds of Atlanta police officers had already left the force and those who stayed understood very well that there was no point in making arrests. Who’d want to be Officer Rolfe? Nobody.
So, response times plummeted. You call the police, they didn’t come. Crime soared. Criminals found that even when they’ve been arrested for violent crimes, they were back on the street within days. Can you guess what happened next?

……In Buckhead, murders year-to-date are up almost 50 percent. That’s a lot of new dead people. Robberies and aggravated assaults are up by nearly 40 percent. Car thefts, 65 percent rise.
Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead was one of the first indoor shopping malls in the United States. It was a great and famous place. Now, it’s too dangerous to visit.
Beginning last year, someone was getting shot at the mall virtually every month. In December of 2019, a Macy’s employee was shot during a robbery. In January, a man trying to defend himself of armed robbery was inadvertently shot by a cop.
In February of last year, a drug deal led to a gun battle outside of Bloomingdale’s. In March, a dispute over a parking space outside the Cheesecake Factory led to more gunfire, which killed someone and so on. So, people in Buckhead just stopped going to that mall.
Ultimately, authorities decided they needed security and metal detectors. They put police dogs throughout the buildings. They set up a network of security cameras with software to detect firearms. It seemed like it would work, but it didn’t. There was just too much violence.
This past April, a gunman beat a 60-year-old woman next to her car in the mall’s parking lot and then stole her purse. The Atlanta Police later said that somehow none of their cameras had caught the crime. A witness called James Glass says he never saw any police officers or security during the assault, even though the attacker took his time beating the woman because he was enjoying it so much.
According to Glass quote: “It seemed like he was celebrating what he had done. He started to rejoice and started shouting just like he was happy for what he had done to this lady.” It’s disgusting and it’s still going on.
On Monday, two, 15-year-olds shot and nearly killed a security guard at the Apple store at Lenox Square Mall.

……The victims appear to have been chosen purely for how they look. But don’t call these hate crimes. It’s not allowed. You can’t say that. Privately, though, many people in Buckhead suspect that’s exactly what’s going on. They’ve been attacked by reckless politicians for years. Politicians have ginned up hatred of Buckhead for political reasons.
So, why wouldn’t others take them seriously? Why wouldn’t shootings and stabbings be the end result of that? Some people in Buckhead have had enough of this. They don’t think it’s going to get better.

Two bills currently in the Georgia State Legislature would allow Buckhead to leave the City of Atlanta, then run its own competent police department and resume being a safe nice place.
CNN for one hates this idea. CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta and has been for 40 years. They know exactly what’s going on in the city. They don’t care.
You don’t like getting shot while jogging? Well, then you’re a racist.

……Here’s the funny thing. They don’t mean it. How do we know they don’t mean it? Take a look at how they live. How many CNN anchors including the ones you just saw have weekend homes anywhere near Section 8 housing? Let’s see.
We’ll check our notes here. Right around zero. In fact, not one.
Instead, they run to Martha’s Vineyard or they charter helicopters to fly to the Hamptons on Friday afternoon. In other words, in their spare time, they get as far away from diversity as they possibly can, not just some of them, all of them, every one of them. That’s the truest generalization ever made.
A recent piece — to put a finer point on it — out of “The New York Post” describes how many rich liberals from New York have flooded into the poor, unsuspecting State of Montana.
Bill Gates has been camping out in Big Sky recently, a lot of them have. Why? It’s not the fly fishing. Bill Gates couldn’t cast a fly rod if his fortune depended on it. No, it’s not that.
The appeal is the monochromatic neighbors. Outside of the Indian reservations, Montana has the demographics of 1956 America. Everyone looks the same. It is not a melting pot.
So no, rich liberals don’t actually believe that diversity is our strength. They hate it so much that the first sign of spray paint, they run for the widest hills they can find. Then they lecture us some more about how you’re the racist because you don’t like getting shot outside a Cheesecake Factory. That’s how it works.

Liberals are the same way about illegal aliens. Hoity-toity affluent liberals get pretty miffed when their manicured communities are invaded by illegals. The rest of us peons are expected to put up with it.

The Democrats have controlled America’s major urban areas for half a century, with disastrous results. Crime, poverty, and corruption are their trademarks.

The crime in Dem-run cities has grown exponentially in New York CityChicagoAtlanta and Seattle.


Portland, Oregon’s, homicide rate soared a staggering 1,900% in 2021, with 20 killings, compared with one during the first three months of 2020. The city carved $16 million, or 7%, out of its police budget last year.

Austin, Texas, cut $20 million, or 23%, from its department budget and shifted another $80 million by moving certain services to other departments. Police have reported 19 homicides this year, compared with 14 during the same period last year — a 35% rise.

Philadelphia reduced police funding by 5%, or $33 million, and saw homicides climb 25% to 120 in early 2021 from 96 during the same period last year.

In Minneapolis, there have been 19 homicides this year, a 46% jump from the 13 in the first quarter of 2020. The city council has shrunk its department’s budget by more than $9 million, or 5%.

Those towns defunded the police for “social justice” or, whatever.

Defunding the cops put a lot of people six feet under:

……The results show that defunding the police sent people to their graves.

“Murder surged as police reduced their activity including stops, searches, and arrests,” the LELDF noted in its findings, and the group blamed the alarming uptick on less proactive policing in already dangerous communities.

……“Since June 2020, local leaders and activistsʼ increasing attacks demoralized, debilitated, and, in some cases, defunded law enforcement. As police stepped back, violence surged,” the group noted.

“Urban areas are hardest hit by growing bloodshed with 35% rise in homicide across Americaʼs largest 60 cities. Meanwhile, aggravated assaults (which includes non-fatal shootings) increased by 10.5% — the largest jump in three decades,” the LELDF added.

Some stunning city-by-city statistics, which correlate hands-off law enforcement with more death, were also shared by the group. When comparing homicides with the number of people arrested, the group analyzed data from June 2019 to February 2020 and compared it with data from June 2020 to February 2021.

They’re all run by radical, anti-cop Democrats. They’re the same people who want to disarm law-abiding people while turning their police departments into scapegoats for their own failings.

Defunding and demonizing police officers gets people killed. Since last year, countless lives have been ended or forever shattered as people have been sacrificed at the altar of social justice.

Everything the Left touches turns to shit.

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