While Obama Caves to Iran, Journos Gush Over Obama’s Tie, Kerry’s Aura

In 1993, a similar deal was struck with the thugs in North Korea, which ended up with them going fully nuclear in 2006.

More embarrassing conduct from the SCOAMF-in-Chief.

Speaking from the White House on Saturday night to announce a late-night deal between Iran and the United States, European Union, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China, President Obama triumphantly stated that the negotiated agreement was the “first step” toward a more “comprehensive solution,” but neglected to mention how this step would lead to nuclear disarmament.
Obama reiterated that he was “determined” to prevent Iran from going nuclear, mentioning that his administration presided over “unprecedented” sanctions, despite the fact that his administration is now loosening those sanctions in exchange for precisely nothing. Nonetheless, Obama, looking somewhat nervous as he glanced at his teleprompters on left and right, stated that the west would now have the opportunity to verify that the Iranian nuclear program was “peaceful,” stating that the deal would mean that “parts” of the program would be halted.
According to Obama, Iran would now be prevented from creating the next generation of centrifuges, and would be expected to halt its plutonium reactor work; inspections, Obama stated, would be plentiful. But he added that this planning would “limit” – not stop – the path to a nuclear weapon.
Recognizing the weakness of the agreement, Obama assured the American public that Iran would not be able to use negotiations to buy time, although he did not explain how that would be prevented. He then detailed the west’s concessions to Iran: no new sanctions, as well as cash. That was the carrot; the stick, Obama said, would be a cut-off in American relief.
Obama gave the Iranians their most-wished-for point: he said they should be able to access “peaceful nuclear energy,” and said the agreement would carry the parties forward for six months, bowing to “chip away” at mistrust with Iran.

Obama secretly lifted sanctions against Iran months ago, so the carrot of ‘no new sanctions’ is an absurd farce. Obama was forced to do this because, blame Bush, that’s why. Or better yet, blame Israel.

Kiss our enemies’ ass, disrespect our allies. That’s how he rolls.

The sycophantic leftwing media performed their usual slobbering adoration.

Nice tie, exalted one.

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Isn’t john Kerry simply dreamy?

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Here’s a rundown of Kerry’s “achievements”:

“Reporting for duty”.

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”
—-John Kerry, 2006

This is coming from a brainiac who got “stuck” in Vietnam.

For the uninitiated, John Kerry lied before Congress in 1971 during the so-called “Winter Soldier Investigation”.  He denigrated his fellow veterans with fabricated tales about atrocities he never witnessed, and hopped into the political sack with Jane Fonda, and the V.V.A.W. (Vietnam Veterans Against the War); a wonderful organization that voted on whether to commit political assassinations during a November 1971 meeting.

He also traveled to Hanoi, shook hands with the VC, and offered his support. His picture still hangs in the Ho Chi Mihn museum.


His “war hero” persona has some flaws. The embellished circumstances involving his Purple Hearts and his subsequent behavior are clearly indicative of lack of character, integrity, and the leadership it takes to be a respected member of our government. He shouldn’t have been a Senator, let alone a Presidential candidate or Secretary of State.

Iran will still race toward building a nuclear bomb, threaten Israel, and export terrorism, regardless of the bait.

His contribution to the war on women.

Picking up where the Hildabeast left off.

He and Obama screwed the pooch on Syria.

Taking his cue from Obama, who escapes to the golf course in Hawaii when foreign policy shit hits the fan, and Hillary, who was AWOL during the Benghazi disaster, Kerry was smack in the middle of a vaycay when Egypt exploded.

He planned on giving a terrorist-supporting anti-Semitic muzzie, an ‘International Women of Courage award, but was forced to withdraw after some of her Tweets came to light.

And of course, he thinks leftwing media tools should be given preference for equal time, while Tea Party patriots should be censored.

Good luck with that ‘leading contender’ shit, Yglesias.


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