White House Top 20 Raises…So Much for ‘Shared Sacrifice’

The military got a whopping 1.4% pay raise, which will be eaten up by taxes. Military retirees like myself, got zilch.

10 thoughts on “White House Top 20 Raises…So Much for ‘Shared Sacrifice’”

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  2. Robert Wagner

    Did this pass the Snopes test ?

    I am having trouble getting a reply from Snopes ?????

    1. Eric,
      So much for “fact check”:

      Obama famously instituted a salary freeze for all White House staffers earning more than $100,000 on his first day in office because “during this period of economic emergency, families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington.”

      But there wasn’t a lot of belt-tightening for the rest of the staff: We crunched the numbers and found that, of the 344 White House employees who were listed on the payroll in both White House’s 2009 and 2010 salary reports, 253—or 74%—got raises in 2010. And among that lucky overwhelming majority, the average raise was 9%. And plenty of people making more than $100,000 a year did get a raise as long as a title change came with it.


      It’s accurate.
      SFC MAC

  3. Clara Henry

    When were these raises effective? Are these new positions? What can taxpayers do to get this investigated?

  4. Good to see these extraordinarily over worked staff members are finally getting compensated appropriately. Most of these jobs are extremely stressful, require them to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and require a higher education and level of critical thought than most jobs. What I find ridiculous is how little some of these positions were paid.

  5. If these White House REMF’s didn’t show up for work nobody would notice, but our military didn’t report for duty the whole world would notice

  6. Margaret Holloway

    As if they need it! Where is the increase for SS and the military, who protect out country? All the “fat cats” should refuse and let people who need the raises have it. There should be NO raises in Washington, period. Let the people in Washington who keep voting themselves raises try to live on what some of us have to do.

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