Whoopie. ChiComs Finally Land on the Moon…With a Robot

The United States sent astronauts to the moon 6 times, and now China finally landed a lunar rover on the moon surface.

Big. Deal.

“One Giant Leap for China,” read the headline in Hong Kong’s Sunday Morning Post, evoking the words in 1969 of American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.
The lunar journey “once again lights up the China Dream”, said a Xinhua editorial citing President Xi Jinping’s slogan for Chinese advancement.
“Chang’e-3 has successfully carried out a soft landing on the moon. This makes China the world’s third nation to achieve a lunar soft landing,” the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in an online post on the mission’s official page on Sina Weibo, a Chinese Twitter equivalent.

Last I checked, America has two, count them, TWO land rovers on Mars. Landing a small probe on the Moon is pedestrian compared to the hundreds of Space Shuttle missions and our vast deep space exploration.

China should give credit where it’s due. They steal most of their technology from the West.

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