Wisconsin Dems Still on the Lam, Republicans Pass Collective Bargaining Bill

Wisconsin’s state Assembly early Friday passed a measure to take away collective bargaining rights from most public-sector employees, legislation that has prompted massive protests in the state Capitol and tied in to a broader political debate in Washington.

…Republicans in the chamber abruptly passed the measure after 1 a.m. “before sleep-deprived Democrats realized what was happening.”

GOP Gov. Scott Walker says the plan, which strips collective bargaining rights and forces union employees to pay more for health and pension benefits, is necessary to address the state’s financial woes, including a $137 million deficit.
The measure was expected to pass the Assembly, where Republicans have a strong majority. It is now headed to the state Senate for consideration, though Democrats in that chamber fled across the state line in protest. The legislation cannot be considered without a quorum.

…debate had dragged on for 60 hours. More than a dozen Democrats were still waiting to speak on the legislation when the vote began around 1 a.m. But the Speaker pro tem opened and closed the vote quickly, allowing only 13 of the chamber’s 38 Democrats to vote.

Republicans immediately walked out of the chamber, while Democrats shouted, “Shame!” and “Cowards!”

“Sleep deprived”….*sob*….the poor widoo Dems. Looks like the people are putting a crimp in their war chest. During Obama’s 2008 campaign, the unions spent $74.5 million in campaign contributions, with $68.3 million going to the Democratic Party. That’s how members’ money is used, besides lining the pockets of union bosses. What a racket.

Speaking of shameful cowards, the 14 Wisconsin Senate Dems who fled the state rather than face responsibility, are still AWOL:

Wisconsin Republicans dispatched police to the homes of absent Democratic senators on Thursday to try to round them up for a vote on a plan to strip public sector unions of most collective bargaining rights.

While the search failed to find the Democrats, it raised the stakes as Gov. Scott Walker’s self-imposed deadline of Friday for approving the proposal neared.

Wisconsin has become ground zero in a national struggle over labor unions power, and union members from all over the country have converged on the state to protest the proposal.

All 14 Democrats in the Senate fled to Illinois last week to deny Republicans a quorum and a vote on the bill. Republicans hold a 19 to 14 majority but need a quorum of 20 to vote on spending bills. The Democrats fled because they feared they could be compelled to attend if they remained.

This is the same Democratic party that shut both Republican lawmakers and the American people out of the un-Constitutional ObamaCare decision process, and shoved it right through Congress against our will and consent.

Looks like the union pukes will have to start paying their fair share, just like the private sector.

Boo fucking hoo.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dems Still on the Lam, Republicans Pass Collective Bargaining Bill”

  1. At least the Republicans didn’t go AWOL during the health care issue. Elections have consequences. They speak for the people, and the people spoke in Nov. That the Dems think running away will solve the problem is absolutely an abandonment of their jobs as elected officials. If they want to change the outcome then they need to win the next election. What they are doing is denying the people their voice. Not to mention they look like complete cowards. I wonder how much their resort bills are costing the taxpayers…probably about as much as all the ‘sick’ time that was paid to the teachers with fake notes from unethical Dr’s.

    1. Susan,
      Dereliction of duty and responsibility should also have consequences. The voters need to pay attention to the behavior of these cowards and remember that the next time they enter the voting booth. I don’t recall another time in history when a group of politicians actually FLED their state to avoid facing a vote on important legislation. They don’t even have the decency to be ashamed.

      SFC MAC

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