Woman Converts to Islam, Blows Herself and Seven Other Muzzies to Smithereens for Allah

I love happy endings.

From Breitbart.

A Russian woman who converted to Islam from Christianity in 2007 walked into the home of a cleric three months ago and blew herself and seven others to bits.
The woman, Aminat Kurbanova, had been raised a Christian and was introduced to Islam in 2006 by her brother-in-law, Rustam. Shortly thereafter, both she and her husband Marat converted to Islam.

Then the death began.

In 2008, Rustam was killed in a police raid on suspected radicals. 12 months later, Marat was killed in a car on which police opened fire. And Marat’s other brother, Ali, vanished after allegedly being dragged away by police.

Kurbanova remarried but left her husband in March of this year amid fears of abuse. Then, three months ago, she walked into the home of cleric Sheikh Said Atsayev and did the deed.

Islamists have carried out more than¬†19,000 deadly terror attacks¬†around the world since the 9-11-2001 attacks in the United States. Like Aminat’s suicide bombing, many of these target other Muslims.

Too bad there aren’t more muzzies like her; target each other and rid the planet of vermin.

4 thoughts on “Woman Converts to Islam, Blows Herself and Seven Other Muzzies to Smithereens for Allah”


    Let me guess, when she walked in she told the cleric “I am here with a blow job.” Click, Click, ka-boom!

    She BLEW his mind! LOL!!!

    ALLAH HAS LEFT THE BAR! (ok, I stole that one from Butt Nekkid)

    Attention DocTshirt! Attention DocTshirt! 19,000 terrorist attacks since 2001. Did you get that? Wrap your mind around that? Still in denial that these Muslims are terrorists????

    Masturbation is to 15-year-olds as detonation is to Jihadists!

    Something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Muslims that self-detonate!

    For those of you out there thinking that your daughter marrying a Muslim is a good thing, I strongly recommend reading “The Stoning of Soraya M”


    And for a good example of how a stoning is executed under Sharia Law, you should watch the movie (even though it is in subtitles).


    They did their homework portraying life in that area, even to the point of showing how they drink tea. Liberals here in the US have some romantic vision of how these people live over there and I thought this movie was very tame.

    A good part in the movie:

    Ebrahim: When a man accuses his wife, she must prove her innocence. That is the law. On the other hand, if a wife accuses her husband, she must prove his guilt. Do you understand?

    Zahra: Yes, it’s clear, all women are guilty, and all men are innocent. Correct.

    If you understand those lines then you understand not only how Muslims portray women but how they portray infidels. A peaceful Muslim is deceiving you and only biding his time until he can strike you down with strength, as instructed in his Koran.


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