Wounded Soldier Heckled at Columbia University

More despicable shit from the students of academic intelligentsia.

Columbia University students heckled a war hero during a town hall meeting on whether ROTC should be allowed back on campus, the New York Post reported Sunday.

Some students yelled “Racist!” at Anthony Maschek, a Columbia freshman and former Army Staff Sergeant who was awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008.

Maschek, 28, bravely stepped up to the mike Tuesday to issue an impassioned challenge to fellow students on their perceptions of the military.

“It doesn’t matter how you feel about the war. It doesn’t matter how you feel about fighting,” said Maschek. “There are bad men out there plotting to kill you.”

Several students laughed and jeered the Idaho native, a 10th Mountain Division infantryman who spent two years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington recovering from grievous wounds.

Maschek, who is studying economics, miraculously survived the insurgent attack in Kirkuk. In the hail of gunfire, he broke both legs and suffered wounds to his abdomen, arm and chest. He enrolled in August at the Ivy League school, where an increasingly ugly battle is unfolding over the 42-year military ban there.

More than half of the students who spoke at the meeting — the second of three hearings on the subject — expressed opposition to ROTC’s return.

The university created a task force to poll 10,000 students on the issue but declined to release the vote tally of the 1,300 who so far responded.

This is coming from a university who invited and gave a warm welcome to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a mini-me version of Hitler.
These assholes live in New York City; one of the targets of muslim 9/11 terrorists, and the one that incurred the most deaths. You’d think they wouldn’t be so stupid as to doubt what SSG Maschek stated about ‘bad men out there plotting to kill you’.

The fucking snot-nosed punks at Columbia couldn’t carry SSG Maschek’s boots. Any sane parent would think twice before writing that hefty check for their kid to attend a university that teaches hate towards the American military and its veterans. Columbia is one of those places known for being a bastion for leftwing radical moonbats–especially the faculty.

Good luck to SSG Maschek. The enemy he has to contend with at Columbia is comparable to the one he fought in Iraq.

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