WSBTV Atlanta Investigates Border “Security”

They discovered many of the illegals are (SURPRISE!) terrorists from Middle Eastern countries.

I blogged about this back in 2007:

DOUGLAS, Ariz. — In the Arizona border town of Douglas, border patrol agents say it’s a 24/7 game of cat and mouse. They use cameras, night vision and underground sensors to track and catch illegal immigrants who jump the fence between Mexico and the United States.

Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer rode along with border patrol agents as they caught two men.

The agent said it’s the second time in four days he’s caught one of them.

J.D. Hayworth is a former Arizona Congressman. “They catch these guys and release them and a couple of days they are back again. It doesn’t solve any problem. It just keeps the backdoor to the U.S. wide open.”

From what Farmer observed in Arizona, the fence in Douglas is easy to jump. It’s short and there’s no razor wire atop of it. In fact, just a few miles outside of town you can walk into the country. Border officials said the fence is only meant to keep drug smugglers from driving vehicles across the border.

The area is the busiest spot in the nation for border patrol. Records show last year, agents caught a quarter of million people trying to enter the U.S. in the Tucson sector alone. According to those documents, a lot are from Mexico or South America, but hundreds of them aren’t and are from nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Since January, border patrol agents say they have been on the lookout for 23 Somalis with ties to al-Qaida. Jailers released them from a Mexican prison and some law enforcement officials said they think they are headed for the U.S. border.

The U.S. government no longer releases a list of what they call “captured O.T.M.s”, which stands for “other than Mexicans”. Channel 2 Action News obtained it from a congressional staffer.

We showed it to Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, who is on the Homeland Security Committee. He said hadn’t seen it before.

“It’s shocking to see the number of people from Middle Eastern countries coming in on that list,” he said. “I tell you this is something our committee members really need to see. I’d like to have a copy of that list to take with me back to Washington so I can share it.”

……Chris Simcox is the co-founder of the citizens group, The Minutemen, which used to patrol the border. He said, “The day after 9/11 we should have sent troops to our border and stopped this illegal immigration and prevented these cartels from growing to the strength that they have. They now control Mexico. They own Mexico.”

“Other than Mexicans”. Jesustapdancingchrist. How about (insert country here) Islamic terrorists?
The station asked Janet Napolitano for a response. She’s too busy modifying the domestic threat assessment with phrases like “man-caused disasters”, classifying Iraq war veterans as “right-wing threats”, and criticizing immigration laws without bothering to read them.

Links to videos:
Part 1:

Part 2:

The lists of terrorist detainees and countries of origin:

3 thoughts on “WSBTV Atlanta Investigates Border “Security””

  1. William E. Smith

    Dear WSB TV,

    How can I get coppies of your videos of ilegals crossing our border in AZ,? I would like to purchase some of them. I will use the to educate the public as to the danger of our open borders.
    Thank you.
    William Smith

    1. William,

      I’m not part of WSBTV. I posted the story on my blog. You’ll have to email WSBTV directly.

      Here’s the contact information:

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      SFC MAC

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