3 thoughts on “20 January 2017 Celebration”

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  2. So, the Babycrats are staying away and sniveling today. Sort of like a group tantrum from home. I hope the people that elected them are proud of their childish actions. ” We aren’t getting our way so we’re going home.” Looks to me as though bi partisanship is great as long as everyone agrees with them. Have a different opinion? Then we’re going to holler and whine ,run to our safe spaces and call you names. These people are an embarrassment to themselves and our country. It has become obvious, to anyone willing to admit it, that these elitist scumbags care only about one thing, themselves. “Standing up for the oppressed” is only a slogan they hide behind to further their deluded vision of
    a perfect society run by, well, themselves. How very fortunate we are not to have these immature,pandering, whiney nitwits in control of anything. That’s like letting your 4 year old have the keys to your car.
    So, stay home and focus on how your free lunch from the public trough is coming to an end and let the grown ups run the country. Don’t like it? I hear Cuba is open.
    Smiling at the baby’s,
    Jeffery Washington

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