2018 Asshat(s) of the Year

Leftist distemper tantrums and bizarre behavior has reached a fever pitch.

There’s so much more insanity than what’s listed here, but if I were to cover it all, it would take multiple pages.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients of the Asshat Award.  It’s well deserved.

Dem/Liberal politicians

Ted Lieu, the Dem Rep from (where else) California opines that he would  “love to be able to regulate the content of speech” , but “the First Amendment prevents me from doing so”. He’s the kind of excrement the Dems choose as representatives and the kind of monster America’s founders warned against.

Liberals freak over Trump’s truthful description of ‘shithole countries’. CNN had a collective meltdown. Celebrities chimed in with hissy fits of their own.

Corey Booker (D-NJ) throws a tantrum a 2-year-old would be proud of.

Black Dem lawmaker blames Jews for the snow in D.C.

Obama, who keeps coming back like a bad case of herpes,  insulted Americans in his quest for an additional 15 minutes of fame.  He spewed his disdain for the country, claiming that we have  ‘great smugness about wealth and status’.  This is coming from a narcissistic sociopath who was  the most corrupt White House occupant in history.

James Comey, one of the most corrupt, unethical FBI directors ever, opines for ‘more ethical leadership’.

Muzzie Congressman Keith Ellison finds kinship in the likes of Antifa thugs. No surprise there. Here’s the DNC co-chair endorsing an extremist group that regularly advocates & commits violence & vandalism, had hundreds of its members arrested in 2017 & has been classified in some states as a terrorist organization.

RINO Jeff Flake compares President Trump to Stalin.

Leftard politicians and celebs blame President Trump for the false missile launch alert sent by a worker at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Andrew Cuomo declared that “America was never that great”.  Too bad he can’t tell his Italian ancestors they should have stayed in the Old Country’.

A black politician from Missouri,  Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, hopes President Trump gets assassinated.

Black radical Andrew Gillum campaign staffer: Florida is a “fucked up” “cracker state”.

When Republicans lose elections, it’s ‘legitimate’, when Dems lose, it’s ‘stolen’.

While the Dems smeared Brett Kavanaugh with false allegations during the SCOTUS hearings, they conveniently ignored the domestic violence by members of their own party.

Failed former Secretary of State John “bandaid” Kerry cuddled with Iranian despots.

California Dem Eric Swalwell thinks the government will ‘nuke’ gun owners who refuse to hand over their firearms.

Threats and violence from the unhinged Dems continue:

A Hispanic comedian thought it was funny to crack jokes about killing ICE agents to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  The DHS paid him a visit. As a joke, of course.

Leftwingnut Terry McCauliffe said he’d “deck Trump if he got in my space”.

The Dem/media-approved violence against Trump supporters.

The Dems pushed mob violence, then denied it existed.

They upped the ante with their rampage and rhetoric the entire year.


The media’s obsessive hate for conservatives included accusations of ‘dangerous’, enacting a tax cut that is ‘almost as bad as the fugitive slave act’, calling President Trump ‘Julius Caesar’ , and declaring that Trump supporters would ‘lie to their own mother’ and ‘kill their grandparents’.

NBC ponders the value of child sex dolls.

Newsweek editor in Pakistan says child sexual abuse leads to “great art”.

CNN ‘talking head’ declared ‘God is working hard today’ after Amtrak wreck involving GOP lawmakers.

CNN trolls an elderly woman to accuse her of being a ‘Russian bot’, but won’t confront porcine Michael Moore for attending an anti-Trump protest organized by Russia.

Canadian journo obsesses over the “maleness” and “whiteness” of hockey members who died in a tragic accident:


CNN hack Mika Brzezinski was absolutely despondent over the clean bill of health President Trump got from his physician.

Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews misses his butt buddy Obama and says that “to some people, he is still the president“.  It would be funny if it weren’t so delusional. Speaking of delusional,  a Harvard prof and Newsweek insist that Hillary can still become President.

Blue checked Twitter scrunt hopes an injured veteran has his ‘new dick fall off’.

Lib writer thinks frequent flyer miles are a ‘tool of inequality.

Douchebag Joe Scarborough used the 9/11 anniversary as an opportunity to trash President Trump and his supporters.

CNN’s Don Lemon: “We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right.” Spoken like a radicalized left-wing black bigot who demonizes people.

Kirsten Powers thinks voting for a white guy who’s reversing Obama’s damage to America, over a corrupt white female who should be in prison, is ‘racist’:

The New York Times hires another anti-white bigot.

Leftwing Twitter dictator Jack Dorsey admits his own conservative employees are afraid to express their opinions.

Twitter banned a Canadian woman for violating Islamofascist Pakistani law because she dared to speak out against wearing the muzzie niqab garment.

Black bigot Marc Lamont Hill got canned from his perch ay CNN for anti-Semitic remarks, but he’s still employed at Temple University.


Academic intelligentsia:

A math professor at Brooklyn College insists that meritocracy in math class is a tool of “whiteness.”

White Rutgers prof now “officially hates white people“.

College snowflake sues university for getting hit by a car after she stood in the middle of a highway to protest Trump’s election.

Public school district in Minnesota forces kindergartners to study “white privilege“.

Here’s a real twist of the whole ‘gender/race identity’ crap: UW Madison held an event for “white identifying” LGBTQ people.  Usually, it’s the white race that’s excluded from participating in identity.

A leftwing student group at Ohio State had a crying jag over Ben Shapiro’s appearance on campus, saying that his presence can  “threaten mental safety”.


Liberals at large:

Parents who let their children become drag queens.

Teenagers consume laundry detergent in a ‘Tide pod challenge‘. They added to the fun by snorting condoms. Hopefully Darwin’s law will extricate these idiots from the gene pool so they can’t reproduce or vote.

Stephen King thinks MS-13 is a gun.

Joss Whedon (I had no idea who he was) wishes for Trump’s death.

Piers Morgan, the Brit anti-gun pouf, managed to outdo himself in the douchbaggery department when he insulted WWII veterans over his disdain for the 2nd Amendment.

Britain goes full retard, declares scissors, pliers, screwdrivers and knives are dangerous ‘weapons’.  As if they didn’t have enough problems with the muzzie ‘migrants’ they allowed into their country.

Oregon snowflakes go bonkers at the possibility of having to pump their own gas.

Socialist malfeasants work against America in the State Department and brag about using their positions in the IRS to target conservatives.

It’s come to this: Charlie Brown is “racist”, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer “encourages bullying” and has “undertones of sexism”,  and the classic Christmas tune “Baby, it’s cold outside”, has suddenly morphed into a song about “rape”, but filthy, misogynist, anti-white rap lyrics are okay.

A mother in Texas forces a normal six-year-old boy to live as a girl and has charged the father with “child abuse” for not going along with her insanity.

Dishonorable mentions:

George Will, who has turned into a bitter, constipated old crank.

George W. Bush, a former president I once respected, didn’t say one damned word while Obama destroyed the country, broke the law, violated the constitution, and made our foreign policy onto a laughing stock.  Now that Trump is in office and reversing the damage, he can’t stop running his mouth.

Not from The Onion: Idiot Illinois Governor drinks chocolate milk to prove he’s all about “diversity”.




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