A Jihadist in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream.

But one local resident has shattered that image, calling for the death of American troops in Iraq and supporting Al Qaeda through his Web site, which he reportedly runs from his parents’ home.

Samir Khan is the man behind Revolution.Muslimpad.com — a radical Islamic site that praises Usama bin Laden and asks for Allah to “curse more American soldiers.”

The site posts videos of U.S. Humvees being blown up by roadside bombs in Iraq. It aims to inspire young Muslims to wage war against the West.

Terrorism experts say the Web site, written in English, is one of the premiere sites for Western audiences to get access to radical Islamist propaganda.

Khan, 22, declined requests for an interview, even when approached outside his home with cameras rolling. When asked if the messages on his site represent Islam, Khan would say only that “they represent Muslims.”

In an e-mail sent to FOX News, Khan lashed out at the “arrogance” of the media, saying it should focus instead on converting to Islam. “When you go down in to the earth six feet deep, nothing will matter except what Religion you died upon,” he wrote.

Following a FOXNews.com report last month profiling his Web site, Khan railed against “the Kuffaar” — non-believers — who wrote the article and affirmed his belief that jihad is “an Islaamic obligation” rooted in Muslim texts.

Neighbors described Khan — who immigrated to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia when he was 7 years old — as “friendly” and “reserved.” They said he launched his Web site while taking classes at Central Piedmont Community College and selling Cutco knives.

……Abdullah Mahmud, an acquaintance of Khan’s who attends the same mosque, the Islamic Center of Greater Charlotte, defended Khan’s viewpoints, saying his anger stems from the United States’ foreign policy and occupation of Iraq.

Mahmoud said the blood-drenched videos Khan shows of U.S. soldiers injured in combat “serve the purpose of making the reality of the Iraqi scene visible to people.”

“Those videos are not much different than videos involving American soldiers targeting Iraqi civilians,” he said. “You have to look at both sides here.”

Well in that case, he’d better be showing videos of the atrocities committed by Bin Laden’s peons. Those “Iraqi civilians” are usually Islamofascist scumbags who had it coming.

One of Khan’s neighbors, Ron Williams, also defended Khan’s right to free speech.

“Our actions (in Iraq) were interpreted broadly in the Muslim world as an attack on Islam,” Williams said, “I defend his right to speak out.”
Link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,363821,00.html

Since the muslim world declared war on the West in the name of Islam, turn about is fair play. I’m not only glad we’ve killed thousands of muslim motherfuckers, I hope we don’t stop until they’re all gone. Like Nazism and Communism, Islamofascism is a malignancy and a threat to the freedom of humanity. Don’t like the ‘foreign policy and occupation’? Tough shit. You started this war, we’ll finish it. Just be grateful we haven’t made the entire Middle East into a glass sheet, which would be a hell of a lot more efficient and less costly than ‘occupation’.

It’s bad enough we have to fight the muslim fucksticks where they live and breed, but we also allow them into the United States to actively campaign for Bin Laden and the destruction of America.

Hello? State Department? DHS? FBI? Where the hell are you?

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