Al Sadr’s Peons Protest, Iran Lobs Missiles

Baghdad – Hundreds of people loyal to radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr protested the long-term Iraqi-US security pact on Friday, while Iranian forces shelled two border villages it claimed harboured a militant Kurdish nationalist group based in northern Iraq. The Sadrists demonstrated in Karbala, 110 kilometers south of the Iraqi capital, after Friday prayers, the director of al-Sadr’s office in Karbala said.

……Al-Sadr has previously called on his followers to hold weekly protests against the proposed US-Iraqi deal, which would set the terms for a long-term US military presence in Iraq after the bulk of its forces withdraw.

……Elsewhere, two border villages in Sulaymanyah province, 365 kilometers north of Baghdad, came under heavy Iranian artillery shelling on Friday morning, a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdistan region’s guard forces said.

“No information is yet available on possible casualties resulting from the shelling,” the source was quoted as telling VOI.


Not satisfied with the Mahdi army getting its ass handed to them, Al Sadr is still throwing hissy fits from the sidelines. We should have put his head on a stick and placed it in downtown Baghdad a long time ago.

The gargoyle in Tehran wants to provoke us into a fight. I say we we lob something back…a neutron bomb would be good.

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