A Message for the Useful Idiots in the ‘Occupy’ Circus

From a commenter on a local CBS site in Cleveland.

Tom Menino
Fleabaggers: George Soros had lobster and champagne last night. Michael Moore is staying at the Rennaissance in Times Square while in town to “protest”. Nancy Pelosi’s personal investment holdings grew by 61% last year during a recession of historic proportions. The domain “OccupyWallStreet.org” was registered in June by Estonian Socialists (and then transferred in August to Adbusters, which is a prank “culture jamming” magazine known for creating mock boycotts and demonstrations, simply for sport).

……You have become the sheeple you dread.

October 18, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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2 thoughts on “A Message for the Useful Idiots in the ‘Occupy’ Circus”

  1. There is an assumption of permanence that the Occupiers; they seek the destruction of the world economy in retribution for the bad cards they were dealt (by being denied nothing in life) and have no idea that their pampered life of I-Pads and $300 jeans while spending a decade pursuing advanced accreditation in Bi-curious Haiku Studies. I say we let them eat each other- because they will.

    1. Andrew,
      You’re 100% correct. The little leftie malconents are so clueless, they’d be lost without the very capitalist-created technology they use to propagate the Marxist narrative. Not only that, but as I often point out: None of them would actually tolerate or live under the system they advocate.

      SFC MAC

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