‘Occupy’ Portland Protester Shows Off Dancing Skills…On War Memorial

Stay classy, commies.

Via Breitbart

An Occupy Portland protester crossed yellow police tape that is protecting a memorial to fallen Soldiers in the center of Lownsdale Square.


The significance of the statue can be found at Portland Online:

“The Soldiers’ Monument, Douglas Tilden’s monument to the Oregonians killed in the Spanish-American War, was dedicated on May 31, 1906. The tall granite obelisk is topped with a bronze replica of an infantryman of the Second Oregon U.S. Volunteer Infantry, part of the first large American fighting force ever sent overseas. At the base of this monument are two small cannons from Fort Sumter (misspelled on the plaque) brought here by Colonel Henry E. Dosch. Because the cannons were used by both Union and Confederate troops, it was Dosch’s idea to face one north and one south.”

The Dems must be bursting with pride.


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