Ace of Spades Blogger on How to Survive the Obamapocalypse

Excerpts from “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Warden at Ace of Spades)

Do you feel like you’re living in a nightmare right now?

Most of us thought that all we had to do was get to the beginning of the New Year and we’d finally see the end of the most treacherous and destructive presidency of our lifetimes.

And yet here we are in this unthinkable place, wondering how in the hell we got here—how our friends and neighbors could betray us this way … how such a fiercely proud, prosperous and inherently decent nation could become so mean, petty and small.

I am not here to analyze this past election. I admit I don’t have the answers. I don’t relate to or understand an electorate that willingly loots from its fellow countrymen and, when that isn’t enough to satisfy its insatiably greed and snotty, self-righteous entitlement, smashes open the piggy banks of future generations and helps itself to the spoils.

Here’s what I do know: Economic calamity is inevitable. This past election was our last dim hope of avoiding it. We failed. The moment has slipped our grasp and with it the die is cast.

I don’t know how these next few years will unfold. One thing I am certain of: they will test our individual character greatly.

……Living well is the best revenge.

Well, it’s got nothing to do with accumulating a bunch of wealth so you can show it off to your enemies and make them jealous.

Quite the opposite. Living well means living a happy, contented life filled with love, laughter and meaning.

Look at these clowns on the other side. They won. Conservatives are demoralized. The GOP is splintering. Socialized health care is now the law of the land.

They’re getting almost everything they’ve ever wanted, yet they’re as angry, dishonest and hateful as ever.

Did they really beat us?


Not where it counts.

They’re empty inside.

They’re not winners. Winners learn, love and grow. Winners have strong work ethics, faithful marriages and unshakeable values. Winners don’t blame others for their failings, they work to overcome them. Winners believe in something greater than a man in the Oval Office.

Remember this: No matter what happens in D.C., no one can make you stop loving your kids. No one can prevent you from being a great mom, a wonderful spouse, or a loyal friend. These things are yours. You own your life. They do not. No matter what lies they tell about you, they can’t diminish who you are.

We all who Barack Obama is and what he represents. He’s hateful, divisive, and duplicitous. He wants to harm us, to destroy our culture, our prosperity and our national pride.

He may even succeed. Remember, this is what the country voted for. You can’t save people from themselves.

What you can do is start cleaning up your own corner of the world. Love more openly and honestly than you ever have before. Forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with your friends and family. Smile, laugh, and enjoy the day.

Life is precious. You’re not here for long. Every moment you waste reacting impotently to that jackass and his enablers simply magnifies his destructiveness.

…… We may not be able to beat the left at the polls, but we can beat ‘em all day long at life.

You have one big advantage over the Free Shit Army—you know it’s about to hit the fan.

Layoffs are coming to a lot of companies so start preparing the groundwork now to ensure that it’s the Obama voters, not you who suffer the consequences.

Tighten up your game at work. Make sure you’re demonstrating value to the people above you. Work your network and have a backup plan for losing your job. Know your friends and your enemies. People can get ugly when their livelihoods are on the line.

Here’s the deal: If you’re here on this blog you probably get it. Accept right now that you’ll always be in the minority in this regard. Most people don’t get it and never will.

But the fact is there’s a difference between “getting it” and preparing yourself adequately for a crisis.

Do I think we’re going to end up in a Mad Max scenario? No. And honestly, if it gets to that point, you’re pretty much screwed no matter what.

But what you can do is start thinking about what life might be like in a country like, say, Mexico and start preparing for that.

Because when the country goes bankrupt, predictable things follow: inflation, civil unrest, shortages, sporadic interruptions in power service, degrading roads, increase in government corruption, increase in violent crime, higher unemployment, etc…

So at a minimum you want to prepare for these things. Here’s a short checklist of must-haves.

Store a week’s worth of drinking water for your family and own a high quality filter (I have a Berkey system) for longer term needs. Think ½ gallon per person per day for storage. A 55 gallon storage barrel will run you 55 dollars. That’s the best, most affordable insurance policy you’ll ever buy.

• Have a month’s worth of food on hand for each family member. You can achieve this by stockpiling canned and dry goods or you can go freeze dried. I have both.

My freeze dried is from Chef’s Banquet. It’s the cheapest calorie per dollar food I could find.

For canned and dry goods, I recommend using the Sterilite 4 shelf unit as a pantry. Use ace’s amazon search box to find it.

• Own a firearm for self-defense and get comfortable with handling, cleaning and shooting it. Mine is a Springfield XD 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 16+1 round magazine. I keep it in a handgun safe by my bed with one magazine pre-loaded with hollow point bullets for home defense. Get something now before they ban high capacity magazines like the ones I have.

I also recommend having a good quality serrated edged folding knife that you can carry with you in public for self-defense. If you want to go the concealed carry route instead, make sure you get training and consult with your trainer and/or the Moron Horde before buying your firearm. There are a lot of important things to consider.

• Learn some self-defense. The union thuggery is going to get worse. So will crime. Don’t be a victim. Learn some basic standup (boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai) and some ground work (wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu). Krav Maga is also a good practical self-defense system developed in Israel and taught here in the U.S.

You don’t have to be hardcore. Just learn some basics to the point where you could react effectively to a threat without hesitation.

• Learn a trade, preferably one where you can get paid on a cash basis. No matter how bad the economy, people still need welders, electricians and carpenters. Teach your kids, too. It might help them put food on the table someday.

• Buy precious metals and other things you can trade if we end up suffering from hyperinflation. If gold is too expensive, you can always stock up on silver. Buy physical and keep it hidden at home NOT in a bank. If the shit hits the fan, they’ll confiscate it.

If you don’t want to go that way, stock up on some top shelf booze. It’ll keep forever and you can trade it in case of inflation. If not, you can always throw one hell of a party.

Other things that can be value in times of crisis: Lighters, firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, prescription drugs.

• Have emergency medical kits at home and in all your vehicles. If you want to be extra prepared in your car, look into buying or making a basic survival pack that includes things like blankets, water, matches, a Swiss army knife, flashlights/headlamps, toilet paper, alcohol wipes, etc… Hide some money somewhere in your car, too. It might come in handy someday.

• Have an alternative means of cooking your food and a way to keep warm if your power goes out for an extended period.

• Be adequately supplied with alternative lighting. I have a hand crank lantern (one minute of cranking gets you an hour of light), a handful of solar powered lights, flashlights, headlamps (for when I need my hands free), and candles.

• Get a couple of 5 gallon gas cans so you can stock up a bit during shortages or prior to hurricane or tornado warnings.

• Buy a large plastic storage tub and fill it with all the things you wouldn’t want to go without if you were stuck holed up in your house for a month—mine has things like bleach, toilet paper, alcohol wipes, soap and personal hygiene products, a spare can opener, matches, lighters, batteries, etc…

READ THE REST AT THE SITE. It’s some good, common sense stuff.

Two things:  The idea of stocking up on precious metals is useless. If the world economy implodes, food, shelter, and survival will take precedence. Gold bars aren’t edible. Food will be a valuable commodity and what ever you have, will need protection. Which brings me to the second point: Aside from all the items Warden mentioned, stock up on as many weapons and as much ammunition as you can. In the worst case scenario where society completely breaks down and the government goes full jack boot, you’ll need more than one 9mm to stand your ground.

I used to think doomsday/world disaster preppers were going overboard, until Obama got in office and the effects of his socialist train wreck kicked in.


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