Hillary Suffering From ‘Diplomatic Flu’, Postpones Benghazi Testimony

Hillary Clinton won’t testify before Congress about her role in the Benghazi disaster on Thursday because she got the flu, became dehydrated, and got a concussion because she passed out and hit her head.  Or something like that.

How timely.

She’s practicing her “I do not recall” spiel, like she did for Travelgate and Filegate.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Suffering From ‘Diplomatic Flu’, Postpones Benghazi Testimony”

  1. ‘member the tag line for the x files???…


    well thats just hollarwood bullshit…

    the truf has been shredded, watered, dryed and burned…and the ashes have been put away wit’ the halfricans skool records and birf certificate…

    there ani’t no truf in a scumsuckin’politicians make up kit…

  2. Isn’t Hillary supposed to be in jail awaiting trial for the crimes she has committed?

    1. Jan,
      In a perfect world, she’d already be under the damned prison, sharing a cell block with Axlerod, Holder, and Obama.

      SFC MAC

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