AFL-CIO Thugs Cut Funding to Dems, Will Focus on ‘Advocacy’

Richard Trumka and company aren’t too pleased with Obama’s evasion of the failed Wisconisn recall efforts. 

From U.S. News and World Report.

The AFL-CIO has told Washington Whispers it will redeploy funds away from political candidates smack dab in the middle of election season, the latest sign that the largest federation of unions in the country could be becoming increasingly disillusioned with… Obama.

The federation says the shift has been in the works for months, and had nothing to do with the president’s failure to show in Wisconsin last week, where labor unions led a failed recall election of Governor Scott Walker.

Yeah, right.

“We wanted to start investing our funds in our own infrastructure and advocacy,” AFL-CIO spokesman Josh Goldstein told Whispers. “There will be less contributions to candidates,” including …Obama.

In other words, they blew a $20 million hole in their coffers in the attempt to take over Wisconsin.  But that won’t stop them from intimidation, violence, propaganda, threats, and strong-arm tactics to support their “infrastructure”.

When it comes to money, Trumka says it’s “dangerous to democracy”.  In the hands of union thugs, it certainly is.

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