Obama Comes to Town Part IV: The DemLeft is Disappointed

Same shit, different venue, but the leftie hacks are not impressed.
From Politicker.

Prior to President Barack Obama’s marathon 54 minute speech in Ohio today, the Obama campaign sent our several statements promising the speech would be a major address framing the campaign going forward. Despite the hype, the speech was mainly a rehash of themes and ideas from the president’s recent stump speeches and his remarks were widely panned as overly long by the political press corps. …

Before the speech was over, Politico’s Mike O’Brien begged the president to stop.

On the air, MSNBC’s Jonathan Alter said it was “one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard Barack Obama make.” He refused to back down.

Obama checked all the boxes:

1. Blame Bush.

2. Characterize Romney as part of the  “evil rich”.

3. “Education.  Energy.  Innovation.  Infrastructure.  And a tax code focused on American job creation and balanced deficit reduction.”

4.  Blah….Blah….Blah….

The complaints from the leftwingnut peanut gallery are mostly about the length of the speech, the stale approach, and lack of a compelling argument. 

Is that all? 

He’s a complete SCOAMF who has added $5 trillion to the nation’s debt, put a dent in our national security, rammed un-Constitutional ObamaCare through Congress, leaked classified secrets to the media for his own benefit, spent billions of taxpayer funds on government takeovers and eco-scams, and kowtowed to foreign despots. His socialist/Keynesian agenda is diametrically opposed to our Democratic Republic,  but the only thing that fazes the media effetes is his lackluster delivery.  Not enough sugar on the shit sandwich.


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