After the Entire Video of the Covington Catholic Protest Proves the Kids Are Innocent of ‘Harassment’, the Apologies Start

You won’t see any retractions from the usual gang of liberal media assclowns, but this is a start.

Guy Benson:

……Based on the early evidence and claims, it looked like an ugly display of youthful intolerance and bullying.  Many who saw the initial tweets condemned the boys’ conduct, including myself.

In the hours and days since those first snapshots of the encounter made the rounds, however, it has become crystal clear that the original narrative was hugely misleading.  Additional videos from different angles began to emerge, proving that the students did not swarm or try to block the drum-toting man; rather, he proactively approached them.  We also learned that a small group of African-American men were hurling racial and homophobic insults at the boys, singling out the small number of non-white students in the group for especially grotesque abuse (including creepily telling a black student that his classmates would harvest his organs).  The drum-beating Native American ‘victim’ was accompanied by someone who screamed at the students to “go back to Europe,” profanely hectoring them over ‘stolen’ land.  And the drummer himself acted strangely, choosing to approach one of the students wearing a red hat to play his instrument within inches of the boy’s face.

Rob Dreher’s statement:

The video I posted above supports this version of events. The ones that have gone viral, and which first brought this incident to my attention, do not.

Last night before bed, having only seen those shorter videos, I retweeted a condemnation of these boys. Now I regret that, having seen the whole video, and observing how left-wing activists — some of them Christian — are seizing on this ugly incident to discredit the March For Life…..

Nathan Phillips confronted them. They don’t appear to understand what point he was making with his own chanting and drum-beating. And now they are held up to the contempt of the country for something they appear not to have done at all. And, the news accounts conveniently ignore the provocative, racist, foul-mouthed attacks on the boys by one of Phillips’s Native American companions.

A correction from CNN, sort of.

This gem:

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