Al Qaeda Connected Muslim Terrorist Killed French Soldiers, Jews for ‘Palestine’

What?? The “hearts and minds” approach doesn’t work??

Twenty-four-year-old Muhammad Merah is now dead. He was accused of murdering three French soldiers last week because they served in Afghanistan and who executed four key “enemies,” a young rabbi, his two small kids and the 10-year-old daughter of the principal of a Jewish school to revenge the death of Palestinian children.

The authoritative MEMRI monitoring group identifies Merah as a French-Algerian who spent time in jihadi training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011. Merah, who claims to belong to Al Qaeda, appears to be a member of the French Al-Qaeda branch Fursan Al-‘Izza (“The Knights of Glory”) an extremist group seeking to impose Sharia law on secular France.

What lessons should we learn from the latest streams of Abel’s blood? Here are the major lessons:   

President Sarkozy and his senior cabinet members have done everything right from the moment after the shocking murders in a school courtyard– including the dispatching of Foreign Minister Allen Juppe to accompany the Jewish victims to their burial in Israel.

……Merah told French police that he killed Jews to avenge the death of Palestinian children. Perhaps he had in mind the images of Muhammad al-Durah, a Palestinian teen who became the poster child for the Palestinian Intifada after French TV — which is notorious for its anti-Israel bias — showed him cowering, unarmed, apparently facing a hail of bullets from revenge-seeking Israeli troops. The footage was replayed tens of thousands of times across the globe and this “martyr’s” name was chanted with righteous indignation by anti-Israel protesters as proof of the genocidal intent of Israelis against Palestinians. 

There is one small problem. The footage was cooked up by France 2 TV. The youngster was never shot by Israelis. But the damage was done and there never has been an apology for this late 20th century blood libel.

……The French Al Qaeda group he apparently affiliated with counts among its leaders, online activists like “Cortex” and “MedMed” whose rants on Islamist Forums spew hatred of France for its banning the niqab and hijab, democracy in general, and of course, Jews. 

A subculture of hate once limited to rundown suburbs of Paris, now deploys cutting-edge social media—yes, they’re using Facebook and Twitter– to market their terrorist agenda worldwide. (The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s new 2012 Digital Terrorism and Hate Report traces the online trails of hate that fuel real-world mayhem).

What a shock. The MSM went right to the “lone wolf” shit, and kept his violent theocracy in between the lines. Well, there’s one small consolation. The muzzie fuckstick has been removed from the gene pool.

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