Lawyer to Meet With Afghan Killings Suspect Staff Sergeant Robert Bales

Seattle defense attorney prepared to meet Monday with Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who is facing formal charges in an attack on two slumbering Afghan villages that left 16 people dead, including nine children.

John Henry Browne flew to Kansas Sunday ahead of his first face-to-face meeting with the 10-year Army veteran, who is being held in an isolated cell at Fort Leavenworth’s military prison.

Fort Leavenworth spokeswoman Rebecca Steed said Bales would be able to meet Browne in what is described as a privileged visit. Along with medical visits, such meetings are generally more private than others conducted in the prison.

Bales, 38, hasn’t been charged in the March 11 shootings, which have endangered relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan and threaten to upend U.S. policy over the decade-old war.

But formal charges are expected to be filed within a week and if the case goes to court the trial will be held in the United States , said a legal expert with the U.S. military familiar with the investigation.

That expert said charges were still being decided and that the location for any trial had not yet been determined. If the suspect is brought to trial, it is possible that Afghan witnesses and victims would be flown to the United States to participate, he said.

The actions of the  Staff Sergeant might be worth a little thought if the public viewed muslim terrorism as the reason why we are there in the first place.  Muzzies commit atrocities across the globe in the name of their allah EVERY DAY of the week, and not one peep out of the main stream media or the public at large. Some milbloggers, such as myself, are quite aware of what they do because we’ve been there and we pay attention.  

This crap with SSG Bales is a distraction.

World opinion, and by that I mean the West in particular, is supposed to be a united front against the muslim scourge. Whatever outrage there is, hasn’t had that much of an effect.  With Iraq behind us, the focus is supposed to shift full on, to Afghanistan. Islamic terrorists carry on with their jihad carte blanche and are planning more inside the America right now.  Appeasement does not work. Excuses do not work.  Kissing the asses of muzzie despots doesn’t work.  What works is killing them and that is something Western nations don’t have the stomach for. The next attack will make 9/11 look like a fucking picnic.

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