America Faces an Obama ‘Death Panel’

This country is slowly having the life choked out of it.

Five days before he got into office, Obama declared:

”We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Since 20 January 2009, this is the “transformation” he’s wrought:

–The total evisceration of the Dollar.
–The hostile takeover and control of private industries and businesses.
–A new, greedy Kleptocracy gouging the taxpayers to fund government bailouts.
–A projected 23.7 trillion dollar deficit, as if it weren’t skyrocketing high enough: 
–A culture where an expectation of unearned benefits as ‘rights’ is commonplace.
–A cabal of Senate and Congressional Democrats who make decisions behind closed doors.
–A belligerent group of lawmakers trying to ram-rod government-controlled health care down our throats.
–An attack on American free enterprise and self-determination.
–An assault on freedom of speech and Americans who demand answers from their elected officials.
–‘Presidential’ cowardice in the war on Islamofascist terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.
–The weakening of America’s world standing. Our enemies take advantage while our “allies” vacillate between embracing the “change” and disgust over getting what they wished for.

And we still have 3 more years of this idiot. Hopefully, the 2010 elections will rid the legislature of the far-left assclowns who have abetted Obama in the destruction of this country.

3 thoughts on “America Faces an Obama ‘Death Panel’”

  1. Great blog!

    As a mil blogger, do you know about Digital Veterans Day, Nov 11? Check it out: and let me know if you want to take part. If you can’t join in person but have a webcam, I can add your name/email address to “satellite” participants who’ll be sent a Digital Veterans Day “toolkit” prior to Nov 11. All free, brought to you by MyVetwork (, to help the US military community.

    Thanks, Jay, MyVetwork, 212-452-4800

    1. Jay,
      There’s 2 other another documentaries you should see. One is called “The Third Jihad”. (the and “Obsession, Radical Islam’s war against the West”. Both provide an extensive background on Islamofascist aggression, ideology, recruitment, and M.O.

      SFC MAC

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