CNN Ratings in the Toilet

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Hat Tip to Don Surber.

CNN’s numbers have dropped in half overall (52%) and 68% in prime time comparing October 2008 to 2009, TV by the Numbers reported.

In the 25-54 demographic, CNN dropped 62% overall and by 77% in prime time.

Even the mainstream press is now reporting it.

“The official monthly numbers will be finalized at 4 p.m. Monday and will include results from Friday. CNN executives conceded that will not change the competitive standing for the month. CNN will still be last in prime time,” the New York Times reported.

The excuse?

“The results demonstrate once more the apparent preference of viewers for opinion-oriented shows from the news networks in prime time,” the New York Times reported.

Yeah, right. Notice how the NYT tries to push the Obama line about what is and is not a “real news organization”.

The real reasons have to do with the fact that FoxNews reports things the fawning MSM won’t touch; like investigative stories about Obama’s regime.  Other factors include—pay attention Anderson Cooper— reaction to dismissive snark toward Tea Party protesters.

CNN shares the basement with MSMBC. They’re in good company.

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