Another Dem Lie About the 6 January Capitol Protest is Debunked

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……Capitol-employed apparatchiks have played a key role in shaping the narrative about what happened on January 6, all in service to their Democratic paymasters.

The seat of American democracy, we are told, was attacked by bloodthirsty Trump-supporting thugs; not only did lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence barely escape with their lives, the building suddenly transformed—in the eyes of congressional Democrats—from a house built by slaves representing America’s systemic racism to hallowed ground conceived by America’s founding fathers that was severely damaged and forever stained by alleged “insurrectionists.”

……In charging documents, federal prosecutors repeatedly claim protestors ransacked the Capitol Building to the tune of at least seven-figures. “The Capitol suffered millions of dollars in damage including broken windows and doors, graffiti, and residue from pepper spray, tear gas, and fire extinguishers deployed by both crowd members who stormed the Capitol and by Capitol Police officers trying to restore order,” Joe Biden’s Justice Department alleges in its indictment against several members of the Oath Keepers.

No Oath Keeper has been charged with directly vandalizing the building, just “aiding and abetting” others who did. (Quite the prosecutorial stretch.) Nonetheless, each is accused of “forcibly enter[ing] the Capitol and thereby caus[ing] damage to the building in an amount more than $1,000.” That figure is important because it elevates the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

The architect of the Capitol, J. Brett Blanton, detailed the costly damage during his February testimony before a House committee. In typical bureaucratic braggadocio, Blanton congratulated himself for his heroic efforts against what he called a “roving mob” on January 6. “As an agency, we served as a shining light of hope that day and in the days following the insurrection. I remain proud of and encouraged by the professionalism displayed by the AOC team in the face of this dangerous and stressful event,” Blanton boasted on February 24. “The events of January 6 were stark reminders that institutional biases, priorities and actions taken out-of-sync with actionable data resulted in poor decisions.” (Huh?)

Blanton put the price tag of repairing the building at an eye-popping $30 million—and that would only be the starting costs to restore artwork and fix damaged items as well as maintain temporary fencing around the grounds. Congress appropriated the extra funds but Blanton warned more money would be needed for various programs and the “health and wellness of our incredible employees.”

Blanton’s repair estimate quickly became a new talking point against the “insurrectionists.” Lawmakers backing a 9/11-style commission into January 6 repeatedly cited the “millions in damage” claim as justification to form the inquisition.

But like so many other accepted truths related to the events in the capital on January 6, the “$30 million in damages” line is untrue. 

During a plea hearing on June 2 for Paul Hodgkins, a Capitol defendant charged with various trespassing counts and obstruction of an official proceeding, a felony for which he pleaded guilty, the government said damages at the Capitol totaled around $1.5 million. Hodgkins agreed to pay $2,000 in restitution for his share of the damage even though he, like the Oath Keepers and many others, is not charged directly with causing any of it.

Much of what the public has been told to believe about January 6 slowly is being exposed as a series of falsehoods. It wasn’t an armed insurrection; five people did not die as a result of the protest; Brian Sicknick was not killed by Trump supporters; and it was not even close to being the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” as Joe Biden insists. The protest was not orchestrated or executed by white supremacists or “domestic violent extremists,” as the director of national intelligence warns.

Now another aspect of the official narrative has crumbled. The question remains: If January 6 was as bad as they say, why do they have to keep lying about what happened?


Compare that to the actual damage from the BLM and Antifa rampages. The BLM riots have caused at least $2 billion so far.  Antifa has caused $2.3 million in damage to Portland, Oregon alone.

The Dem cabal and their media tools have to rev the lies about 6 January to keep the narrative going. There’s a reason why; labeling the 6 January protest as “sedition” and “terrorism” gives them a black check to trample on civil liberties and beef up their attacks on citizens who won’t goosestep to their crackdown on dissent.  It deflects from their encouragement of Antifa and BLM violence along with the media complicity.

By the way, a bipartisan Senate report determined that there was a massive failure of security, planning, and response by both the United States Capitol Police and the Capitol Police Board.

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