Another Lie: Obama Denies Editing Benghazi Talking Points

From the New York Post.

The White House yesterday denied it edited talking points about the terrorist attack that killed the American ambassador to Libya — contradicting remarks made a day earlier by disgraced ex-CIA chief David Petraeus.

“The only edit that was made by the White House and also by the State Department was to change the word ‘consulate’ to the word ‘diplomatic facility,’ since the facility in Benghazi was not formally a consulate,” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters aboard Air Force One.

“Other than that, we were guided by the points that were provided by the intelligence community. So I can’t speak to any other edits that may have been made.”

They actually changed the words “Al Qaeda” to “video”.

The truth about Obama’s depraved indifference and total fuckup in response to the Al Qaeda attack in Benghazi, has been all over the news outlets—well at least those who aren’t his personal mouthpieces.

Blame the intelligence community, blame the dead Ambassador, blame a video, blame Bush.  That’s been the routine since the attack.

The SCOAMF will lie about this until the day he finally has to un-ass the White House in 2016.  It’s up to the GOP leadership in Congress to start issuing subpoenas and hauling assholes like David Axelrod, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Leon Panetta, and Hillary Clinton in to testify under oath, and prosecute them when they commit perjury.

2 thoughts on “Another Lie: Obama Denies Editing Benghazi Talking Points”

  1. Listened to a number of those Obama nose wipers and ass kissers talking down everything that went on with Benghazi this weekend. Now the whacky liberals claim that this whole thing was a Republican talking point, the election is over, and we need to move on.

    I mean WTF?!?!?!?

    It WAS political for Obama! Notice how Hillary Clinton is completely out of the picture on this. Again, the respin is in action and the liberals are telling us we need to forget everything that happened.


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