Teachers Use Classrooms to Push Marxism and Islam

Leftwing indoctrination in America’s schools has become a malignancy.  Academic intelligentsia wants complete control of your kids and it will use union propaganda, insults, dismissive epithets, and force to get it.

This is the kind of shit that is happening in our school system:

A contingent from the Chicago teachers union recently attended the Midwest Marxist Conference at Northwestern University:

After the opening plenary, breakout sessions addressed more specific topics like the history of the Democratic party, education, and case studies in Russia. In these sessions, speakers continued to celebrate the use of education as a mechanism to insert Marxism into public institutions. In one session, the idea of targeting their message to students, even over “the working class,” was debated.

……The event itself, though advertised online as via social media, retained a sense of extreme secrecy. Attendees were told not to record video or audio unless they had express permission from organizers. Rather than traditional discussions in the breakout sessions, we were instructed to “raise your hand in a fist” in order to be first approved and then added by a moderator to a queue to speak. This orthodoxy resulted in extremely disjointed Q&A sessions where no one comment followed another and most questions went unanswered.

The reporter who filed the above story at Breitbart, was singled out as “not in solidarity” by International Socialist Organization (ISO) organizer Dennis Kosuth, and removed from the premises for “not being a Communist.”

The University of Wisconsin Madison is also scheduled to host the ISO to discuss methods of classroom indoctrination.

Classrooms, both K-12 and college, are being exploited as platforms for subversion.  The instructors aren’t even trying to hide their agenda. In fact, they’re up front and blatant.

Hat tip to zombietime.

A retired professor, H. Douglas Brown, gave a lecture to educators at (surprise) U.C. Berkeley titled: “Teaching as a Subversive Activity—Revisited”.

Brown promotes the technique of influence; instead of presenting a balance of information and encouraging students to think for themselves, steer them toward a LeftProg world view.  How do they justify their bias?

……”Well, what do you mean teaching as a ‘subversive activity’? What are we talking about?” And of course what Postman and Weingartner were trying to point out, not for language teaching in particular but for education in America and the United States in general, to what extent are we shaping the lives of the children in our public schools and the kids in our high schools? To what extent are we perhaps subversively providing messages to them on: What is good? What is bad? What is right? What is wrong?
……The first observation is that our motives are rooted in our desire to help people, to communicate across national, political, and religious boundaries, and our desire to be agents for change in this world.

Agents of change has such a nice Bolshevik ring to it.

Part of that change involves censoring the free speech guaranteed in our Constitution.


So I’m kind of pushing down here toward a resolution of all this, in a way, and that is: In order to make these decisions about what you do or don’t do or what you face or don’t face in a classroom: Are there universal values? I happen to think they’re not universal, because “universal” means everybody believes in them. There’s no such thing as everyone, six and a half whatever it is billion people on earth believing the same thing.

But, I do think that within our culture, and this is speaking in the United States of America, within our culture, there is a certain given set of working moral hypotheses. One is the equality of human beings. Two is freedom of individuals to speak out, write their opinions about sensitive — that’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes I think all of us wish that people didn’t have so much freedom [audience laughter]. I don’t know how many of you listen to any syndicated morning talk shows lately, but there are some times when I wish that people didn’t have that freedom. Ultimately because they disagree with me [audience laughter]. A culture of open-mindedness. We tend to think, yeah, you know, we believe that’s basic to our ethos. We believe in nonviolent resolution of conflict and we tend to believe in responsibility as stewards of the earth, to take care of this planet.

Non violentEthos?  Fucking please. Communists seized control over the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and China with inflammatory rhetoric, mob rule, murder, and assassination.  Then they proceeded to imprison and slaughter anyone who spoke out against the new communist order. So much for “open-mindedness”.  But that’s not the kind of revolution Brown espouses. He wants the kind that involves molding and intimidating young students into good little socialists.


……So can we be agents of change? And at the same time refrain from revealing our own beliefs and convictions — or should we? It’s kind of a two-pronged […]. So, being an agent for change. But the question that I’m still leaving on this is “Can you, or can you refrain from revealing your own beliefs and convictions?”

‘Refrain’ is not in the vocabulary of some teachers and school administrators.

According to a teacher/union activist in Wisconsin, socialism is “as American as apple pie”.

A world history teacher in California fed a steady diet of pro-union socialist propaganda to his students as classroom assignments.

Annie Leonard, a socialist and ‘Sustainability Workgroup Coordinator’ at the Environmental Grantmakers Association, produced an “instructional” video geared towards young children, called “The Story of Stuff”.  In a nutshell, it’s an animated ‘capitalism and America are bad’ film for kids.

Indoctrination in the form of adult sex acts is apparently part of the change; Obama’s former ‘safe schools’ czar gave instructions to high school kids on the art of “fisting”.

High schools in areas particularly affected by illegal aliens are being targeted by radical thugs like La Raza for refusing to revise history to suit their anti-American, anti-caucasian ideology.

There’s also an effort to infuse Islamofascism into American education.

6th graders in Wellesley, Massachusetts, were taken on a “field trip” to a mosque where they were given an “education” in Islam and made to pray to allah.

Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Minnesota, is funded by taxpayers. The curriculum is chock full of Sharia.

A Massachusetts high school tried to shove Islamic propaganda down the throats of students with a passage from The Arab World Notebook, entitled “Women, an Essay,” which tells all about the muslim women in the PLO and “the struggle for independence from colonial powers”.   It’s a volume of pro-Islamo-terrorist bullshit.

An muzzie elementary school teacher in Chesapeake Virginia, was charged with assault after a 10-year-old girl’s hand was cut during an aggressive lesson on an Islamic hand sign.  The teacher “’prays to Allah in Arabic’ around five times a day in front of students and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions,” and openly campaigns for Barack Hussein Obama in the classroom.

Keeping all the above in mind, Debbie Squires, director of the Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools Principals Association, says that the State knows how to raise your kids better than you.

There’s a broad spectrum of contributors to the foundation, development, and success of our Democratic Republic; none of whom were named Mohammad, Castro, Marx, Lenin, or Mao Tse Tung. Parents need to scrutinize everything their children learn in school and bring home as reading material. Get involved and don’t back down. The education of children is too important to leave it solely in the hands of the government.

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  2. You should look into a book by John Taylor Gatto called Dumbing Us Down. Excellent perspective on public education.

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