Another Senior Al-Qaeda Puke Takes a Dirt Nap

The US Air Force killed an al Qaeda field commander in Afghanistan during an airstrike this month, al Qaeda said in a statement released on the Internet earlier this month.

Abu Abdallah al Shami, one of four senior al Qaeda operatives who escaped from Bagram prison on July 10, 2005, was killed in an unspecified airstrike, said Mustafa Abu Yazid, al Qaeda’s senior commander in Afghanistan.

“Al Qaeda announces the martyrdom of one of the heroes and field leaders who performed well in facing the modern crusade, our brother Abu Abdallah al Shami,” Yazid said, in a statement translated by Reuters. “Since his feet touched the battle field (after the escape) he resumed jihad with stronger zeal … he had led and took part in several successful military operations.”

Getting your dumb ass blown to smithereens for Allah; that’s what the muslims refer to as ‘martyrdom’

……British special forces killed Omar Farouq in Basrah, Iraq, in September 2006 after attempting to be reassigned to facilitate the flow of money, weapons, and fighters for al Qaeda in Iraq. Farouq was considered to be al Qaeda point man in Southeast Asia prior to his capture in by Indonesian security forces in 2002.

……US forces recaptured Abu Nasir al Qahtani in Khost province in November 2006. Like Shami, Qahtani was a senior al Qaeda commander in eastern Afghanistan.

……Qahtani’s brother, Abu Dejana al Qahtani, was also killed in eastern Afghanistan this spring.

They’re running out of virgins….

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